Frequently Asked Questions

This is where you will find most of the answers. If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


What does Toneyes offer?

Toneyes provides all services offered by a creative agency. This is because we’re not just a simple web design or a graphic design company, but a digital design agency. For new clients, in general, we normally only accept projects that are over USD$3,000.

All our design work comprises of a standardized design process, which includes research, concept, and production.

As a digital design agency, we build brands using our digital design knowledge, which involves brand design, web design, web development, and general graphic design. We also offer creative SEO copywriting and online marketing concepts. With our talented and well-chosen team members mostly recruited from our valuable internship program, we have built a great, dedicated small team with specific skill sets.

See our showreel to get a better idea of our work.

What are our hourly charges?

Our usual hourly rate is 1,700THB / ~USD$50. Be rest assured as our team always work quickly and efficiently. To get a better understanding of the cost or for a more detailed inquiry, please send us a message on the contact form located on our contact page.

When was Toneyes founded?

Toneyes was officially founded as an independent agency on March 2014.

Our team originally existed as a design and website department of a software engineering firm in Bangkok. But due to different interests of both parties, the management of the software engineering firm and Toneyes arranged an agreement to allow Toneyes become an independent agency.

Currently, only our managing director Daniel and our chief technology officer remain as the core staff members present during the early days of Toneyes.

What is Toneyes’ Company Structure?

Our agency was founded due to an opportunity gained by the staff members of the former software engineering firm. As such, Toneyes does not have an owner since it was founded by staff members for the staff members.

The company structure is composed of a Board, which includes key members of the Toneyes team, and is led by the managing director.

The official ownership of the company is registered to our managing director.

Is there anything being outsourced?

In general, Toneyes is against outsourcing. All our development, design, and marketing work are produced in-house. However, during high production seasons, we hire additional project-based developers and copywriters that we’ve worked with for longer than three years.

Our agency only outsources voice over work and recordings used for our video production.

Does Toneyes do Biddings?

Our agency is always excited to have opportunities to work with new clients on new projects.

Toneyes does bidding for projects but will charge a specific amount for the bidding process, which can be deducted after the project has been confirmed with our agency.


What is Branding?

Please watch the following short video to understand what branding is.

What is the process of creating your brand?

1. Introduction / Understanding
First and foremost, Toneyes works on understanding the client and their products and services in detail. This is mostly achieved by directly observing the clients during the meeting held at their company and the quick interview with the managers and company leaders.

2. Research & Inspiration
In this process, we create a moodboard. To do so, we begin by holding a creative brainstorming session brainstorming. All the ideas will then be combined and put together in a moodboard. From the moodboard, you will see the main idea of the concept, which includes competitor research, market segmentation, keywords, slogans, the vision statement, and the general design direction.

3. Digitalisation & Production
After building the Brand Concept, we’ll finally start with the digitalization and production process. The production process always includes screenshots that are always presented to the client, which is always done before we move to the next development step.

What type of Branding work does Toneyes offer?

Our agency offers pretty much everything in digital content creation, which is covered in our main services such as Graphics Design, Concept Idea, Web Development, Web Design, Video Production, and Motion Graphics. We also provide services outside our main services, such as design suggestions, exhibition design, and Content Concept Creation, which includes creating scripts for videos.

Toneyes is a digital design powerhouse which also offers concept, preparation, and production work.

How is the cost calculated?

The cost of each project is calculated by hours. Our hourly rate is THB1,700. For filming, the hourly rate is THB2,000 per person. The video team usually comprise of 3 people.

For production work that involves any third parties, Toneyes will charge a handling cost starting at THB3,200.

Web Design

What do I need a website for?

Nowadays, websites are becoming more complex and require professional support. In our Website production, our agency focuses on the following:

1. Brand
2. Content Strategy
3. Visuals, in the form of graphics, infographics, video, and animation
4. Copywriting
5. High-Quality Development, in the form of features and flexibility in future use
6. Launch, in the form of technical hosting support and compatibility
7. Website After Sales Support, in the form of supporting our clients with technical issues and additional development of their website

Our agency builds lasting relationships with our client as our interest is to support and accompany our clients on their journey of success in their online business.

What is the difference between a Toneyes website and other websites?

The main difference is that our agency builds websites not based on a template. Our agency understands the importance of having all the points mentioned above. Our websites also focus on the concept and mainly build websites based on the latest web application technologies. Most of our web projects are built on a high-performance PHP framework.

We focus on content, onsite SEO optimization, and content generation in visual form, which is represented through infographics, HTML5 animations, or video.

Technical Knowledge and Support underlies in our web design services. Our CTO is from Switzerland and overlooks the whole development and coding process. With the Swiss precision and attentiveness to details and quality, we assure the security of each system we build.

A website is more than just launching one. It takes a team with diverse skills in design, user experience, copywriting, SEO, and multimedia to develop a successful website designed to your needs.

What are the standard costs for a website?

The exact estimation is based on the hourly rate and as well as the type of service needed.

A standard custom-based CMS website starts from THB125,000, which includes content implementation, graphic design service, and a brand concept package.

A web application with a custom-based high-performance PHP framework usually starts at THB200,000. However, the final price fully depends on the features needed.

For clients with a web application project, we usually offer a technical concept if there is no existing one yet. This includes wireframes and feature description, which can be followed up by a detailed estimation.

During the technical concept stage, you can request for estimations from other agencies so you can carefully compare each offer.

What is the process of creating a website?

Our process of creating a web application is the following:

1. Technical Concept
2. Research & Moodboard
3. Design Concept
4. Screenshots & Design Proposal
5. Web Development
6. Demo page Submission
7. Content Implementation & Debugging
8. Launch

After the launch of the website, our agency will offer a 3-month warranty.

Does Toneyes offer After Sales Services?

Our After Sales Service is called Toneyes SPOQ. In Toneyes SPOQ, you can buy hours upfront and use it to request for customer support service. For easy and quick handling tasks, support will be provided within 48 hours.

In our Toneyes SPOQ package, we will give additional hours for free and communication and administration costs are not calculated and provided for free. We also offer our Toneyes SPOQ clients complimentary work, which will be used to educate and train our internship team..

For more information, please read our service page “Customer Service SPOQ” under Services.

Do I get a warranty for my website?

After the launch of your website, our agency offers a 3-month warranty, which can be used to fix all bugs and errors on the website.

Graphic Design

What does Toneyes offers on Graphic Design Services?

Toneyes offers the following serivces under the grpahic design services:

  • General Graphic Design
  • Moodboard & Design Research
  • Printing Design
  • Logo Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Flyer & Poster Design
  • Infographics
  • Motion Graphics Storyboard
  • Brochure & Magazine Design
  • Book Covers
How is it about Revisions? What's Toneyes Policy?

Toneyes includes a well designed and developed design process which would be the following:

  1. Briefings, Understanding Kickoff Meeting
  2. Research, Moodboard & Concept Work
  3. Draft Design
  4. Revision and Presentation
  5. Finalisation of the project

In the Toneyes Condition it is stated that Toneyes offers 3 revisions within a project. With our design process were we work closely with our clients and have an experienced team which has long year experience in understanding requirements we usually do not reach these revision limits. 

Existing Revisions outside the limit was reached because of major changes of concept that where change by the clients business decisions.

Logo Design Process

Our logo design process would be the following:

  1. Kickoff Meeting
  2. Research & Mooadboard
  3. Sketches
  4. Cocnept Presentation
  5. Draft Designs
  6. Digitalisation of a approved Logo Cocnepts
  7. Colorisation
  8. Finalisation
Do I own all the copyrights of the work?

After receiving the final payment all copyrights and working files are owned by our cients. 

Who is designing on your design project?

Our agency has a experienced team and your projects is processed by the following departments in every design project.

  • Concept Department
  • Clients Communication
  • Design Production

All our work is done in house.

What is the design process?

Our design process is standardised for all graphic design services:

  1. Kickoff Meeting
  2. Research & Mooadboard
  3. Sketches
  4. Cocnept Presentation
  5. Draft Designs
  6. Finalisation

Video and Motion Graphics

What is the process of a Motion Design Project?

we have created a video which shows you our exact motion grahics process.

With what camera does Toneyes work with?

Currently our current camera is a Panasonic GH4 capable of 4k video footage. We use special cinematic lenses. As well we have drone DJI Mavic Pro 2. For bigger production project we as well rent other high end cameras and lenses.

What are the cost and estimations of a Video and Motion Project?

The cost can be checked on this link:


Online Marketing

What are the Online Marketing Services?
  • Online Marketing Concepts
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Google Adword Campaigns
  • Newsletter Marketing Campaigns
  • SEO Workshop
How are the cost of Online Marketing?

The costs are determined from a prior online marketing concept. From the marketing concept a budget is determined for a 3 month period. The minimum length of the contract is 3month.

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