Why Hire Us

A Different Design Agency in Bangkok, built around young talents. Innovating how a design agency works by developing new ways of communications.

A Design Agency That Never Goes Beyond its Code.

A certainly different design agency, with being a platform for talented designers and developers, we offer an intense Internship program to the best design newcomers of Bangkok's Thai and International Universities. With our intension and mission to give all our clients a big voice in this small world, we are creating concepts for branding, marketing and web presence projects. With care about all our clients, we listen and create corporate identities reflecting the personality of our client teams and their passion for what they are doing.

The creative design agency recruits team members mostly from its own sophisticated internship program, and chooses its members carefully by their skills. Our team is carefully formed by selected talented people to build a young dynamic effective team.

Why Us

Project Priority Standards

A Project will not suffer because of political reasons or personal reasons.

Our company stands for putting the Project Outcome and competition to be our highest priority. Getting things done to the requirements and providing the output needed, has made our agency the number one trusted agency for many of our clients to go with. The standard is applied right after signing the estimate. Our Agency stands against anything that can compromise the quality and outcome of any project.

Design Standards

Every Design is based on a concept.

Design standards are important to use. For every design project, whether big or small, the Toneyes Agency is obliged to prepare for each artwork a research process which will be showcased in a Moodboard.

Information & Management Standards

Discipline is the Engine of Quality and Information is the Base of Understanding.

The project management system within our company is so high that we created a window for our clients to review real-time project updates through our Agency App.

Communication Standards

Language is far more than just Words

We have built an impressive communication hub for our employees and clients. Using the latest technologies such as tandem for internal use and browser-based video chat for quick and simple client meetings.

Toneyes Board

Better Decisions are not made by an Individual

Our Agency involves 3 board members needing to vote for all major decision-making. Every decision made by a manager can be escalated by a client or an employee to be escalated to the Board. The board consists of our Executive Creative Director, Chief Executive Office,r and a selected employee.

The Toneyes Union - Company Structure Standard

We are the Agency

The ownership of the agency is with the employees. Decisions are made by the board and employees are protected by the Union. The ownership of the agency is with the employees. Decisions are made by the board and employees are protected by the Union.

Employees are only hired by acceptance of all 3 board members and employment terminations are only processed if all 3 votes process.

The Design Agency as a Platform for Designers

Toneyes has been built by passionate employees, always striving for excellence in every work project. We care more about the outcome of a project than the business aspect of a design agency, causing our passion and motivation to make us stand out.

In line with our vision to become the best platform for young designers, Toneyes constantly take on different projects to sharpen our team’s creativity.

Design Internships as our Recruitment Platform

Toneyes offers young design students an opportunity to get comprehensive design training in design fields such as graphics design, web design, motion design, and online marketing.

We only offer the internship program to excellent, fully dedicated design students, not only to boost their skills but also to use the internship program as a recruitment platform since our agency strongly believes in only recruiting employees from our internship program.

By the People for the People

Our agency has been built by numerous creative individuals for the people. Through our international internship program, we had the chance to work with many talented and motivated people, with each one leaving their footsteps in our agency.

Our small core team carries years of history and huge responsibilities in keeping our agency’s values that have been built by talented, motivated people.

Daniel Benz

Managing Director

Over the years, we’ve built our agency, our talents, and our values. With motivation and drive to continuously improve our staffs’ skills, we have successfully created an independent agency.

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