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Eye for Design and ready to put in the work for our unique needs.

Thitipron Haranyakij
Post on: 16 March, 2021

I've had the fortunate opportunity to work with Toneyes under IGES as a freelance coordinator. The nature of the project itself requires the design team to put forward a unique design under a very tight time limit. We initially started off with just the infographics and website, but as the project progresses, other types of media were required for the project, seeing how Daniel and his team have been very responsive, professional and helpful to our needs, we entrusted them with producing the project's video output. They have been very flexible in all senses, such as dead-lines, project outputs, and were very helpful even with things that were not included in the initial contract. The team at Toneyes has great eyes for design and were always ready to put in the work to cater to our unique needs. It really has been a pleasure working with Toneyes to say the least and we will definitely continue working with them for future design work.

toneyes agency kades testimonial image of SEI testimonialstoneyes agency kades testimonial image of SEI testimonials

Kadesiree T.

"A skill-full young dynamic team with great creativity.”

Creative and highly professional team.

Fabian Ehrensberger
Post on: 6 months ago

We have used the services of Toneyes for several projects and it was always a pleasure working with this agency. The attention to detail and the fast delivery make this agency stand out. Strongly recommended!

It opened new perspectives in the thinking process, which was to be more creative.

Arthimar Nusuk
Post on: a year ago

I came here for the internship 2020 program, for a motion and video internship. I create a lot of new things and learned good techniques that can be used while finishing my thesis. I had the opportunity to actually do work for our customers and then put them into practice later on. Everyone in the office is friendly.

The Toneyes agency was the only company that understood our business idea, our concept and visions

Carlo Somaini
Post on: a year ago

Preliminary talks we have placed our wishes for a complete re-branding, our future website (homepage), image- and advertising movies as well as logo and letters. The Toneyes agency was the only company that understood our business idea, our concept and visions. Toeneyes, with its motivated and creative employees, managed to inspire us with their new and fresh advertising concept. They were the only ones, who understood what we want. We are in a delicate business environment with old and sick people, but we wanted to show with our new appearance what is possible with appropriate care. Toneyes has not only done a great job and delivered, they have exceeded all of our expectations. Thanks to the whole Toneyes team.

As next we plan to start our SEO project together with Toneyes Agency. Thanks to the whole TEAM.

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Swiss Creative Agency

"An effective, uncomplicated agency with cutting age communication"

Ikenna Nwankwo

"Take your business to the next level”

I would highly recommend Toneyes!

Kris Ridley
Post on: 3 years agoo

Despite this, the team at Toneyes were excellent at helping rework my technical script into a compelling and visually exciting story, which really helped bring the subject to life! I was very impressed by their professional attitude and were able to accommodate the strict guidelines our Legal team required, helping to make the necessary revisions to make the end product right. I would highly recommend Toneyes!

All of the motivation and inspiration that I've got from here are totally precious and memorable.

Nadhanicha Rathie
Post on: 2 years ago

I've learned so many things from being an intern at Toneyes. It's such a great opportunity for me to be a part of this professional design agency.

Fresh, innovative, professional - Toneyes is the right choice.

Qendresa Ademaj
Post on: 4 years ago

If you want to have a rewarding partner with your projects and ideas by your side. Full of young creatives this agency searches and finds the best sollutions for your issues.

RIS Swiss Section Principal

Simon Dörig

"A reliable motivational partner that gets things done.”

toneyes agency interview testimonials Nicolas Duriertoneyes agency interview testimonials Nicolas Durier

Nicolas Durier

"I highly recommend Toneyes Design & Web Agency to business owners.”

I would highly recommend Toneyes!

Kitten kk
Post on: a years agoo

A very good experience. it changes my view. Thanks for a chance to try anything that I never have done before. no chance, no change.

"A Different Agency"

Arutchaporn Trongsiriwat
Post on: a years agoo

The team is always driven by innovativeness and determination to deliver the best output. I can always feel the freshness and the team spirit in the office. Totally a worthy experience!!

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