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Brand guerilliaz is a Digital Media Agency that does everything from utilizing digital tools such as social media, conceptualizing marketing campaigns, and content creation. Their main goal is to provide affordable and creative marketing services to help small businesses an opportunity to grow and engage with their customers.

The Concept of Brand Guerilliaz

The name “Brand Guerilliaz” comes from the concept of “Guerilla Warfare”. The idea is that no underdog should be underestimated as we all have the tools necessary to succeed. It is no secret that marketing your small business can be challenging. Which is why Brand Guerilliaz have created their brand to target small business owners and give them a fighting chance to thrive in a world of competitive industries. This includes providing them with a full suite of affordable and quality services in marketing, graphic design, social media, and website design.

Production of the Website

The first step was building the Brand Guerilliaz brand. The brand uses bright vibrant colors of blue and yellow to really capture your attention when you enter the site. The content was written in a storytelling manner to make the content more engaging and relatable to its readers. Since a priority was emphasizing the quality of work, we put together a portfolio showcase of the projects that they worked on and highlighted the unique concepts of each campaign. In all, we wanted a website that was bold and creative to showcase Brand Guerilliaz abilities as a Digital Media Agency

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