Sumernet - Media Booklet Design

sumernet media booklet design cover mockup

Here is an other project where Toneyes and Sumnernet worked together to present the research outcomes for the 2022 projects of Sumernet. Sumernet is a organsiation helping society around the Mekong river to develop sustainable. 

The Booklet Requirements

The concept of the Sumernet Media Booklet is the showcase all projects outcome of the Sumernet project along the Mekong River. the Booklet contains Stories, Podcasts and video projects. 

The Booklet Concept

The concept if the booklet was to showcase the content in a more engaging way for readers to easely process the data and material provided in the  booklet design. The booklet was as well used as a print version but initially designed as a digital version, which is of course reflected in the layout design and the bigger fonts. 

Emphasis and framing of the content is all designed to make the data and information easier to read. 

Production and Realisation

As usual the Toneyes team started with the wireframing of the content, altough the content itself was set to not to be changed Toneyes helped to structure the content into the story section, podcast section and video sections. A team of 2 print designers helped to strucure the design of the media booklet into a total of 40pages. 


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