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Motion Graphics & Animations

Stories we tell.

Motion Graphics & Animations

2D Animation Studio

Alongside our exceptional graphic design services, we also offer motion graphic design, film editing, video presentation, explainer videos and web videos.

The Intelligent 2D Animation Studio

Interactive media design and motion graphics are an integral component to success for people looking to invest in building a website or building upon their existing website.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, just think how powerful a marketing tool motion picture is. Video is fast becoming the most effective and efficient tool for delivering marketing messages to mass audiences. Not only are they engaging and can quickly encapsulate your message, they're also easily shareable leading to a snowball effect of popularity. Alongside our creative website package, our 2D animation studio also offers an optional solution for a web video, video presentation, and product presentation.

Our 2D Animation Studio Process

The following are steps to create a web video:
• Writing a video script
• Create a storyboard and a test sequence
• Voice Over Recording
• Animation
• Writing a Motion Graphics Script

As a 2D Animation studio we offer our clients the service of web video scriptwriting, we believe that it is integral for the client to be engaged in this process in order to ensure that we have the ideal script to meet your every needs. This initially means obtaining relevant information regarding an introduction to the services or products, a guideline to the concept of the product, and the goals you are trying to achieve both as a company and through the video. 
Subsequently, our creative team uses these guidelines to brief and direct our expert copywriters to draft a motion graphics script, which will be passed to you for review before completion.

Voice Recording

We offer our clients a free service which consists of assisting them to set up an account with and providing a quick step by step introduction.

After finalizing the script, we will upload this to the platform and within hours, you will be able to listen to samples of professional voiceover artists. From here you can select which is best for your motion graphics video.

Toneyes's creative direction team will assist you with selection in this stage of the process.

The Advantage of a 2D Animation Video?

Modern society demands that your business moves into the technical age. With busier schedules and shorter attention spans, people realise the value of their time and have little time to read lengthy dialogues explaining business services. People want efficiency and engagement.
To compensate for this, online marketing has evolved, especially over the last five years, to provide people with marketing strategies that cater to busy daily lives. This comes in the form of video.

Content and text are mostly ignored this day and tend to play a larger role in SEO than actually providing information. With web users who are used to tabbing through numerous windows and flying through websites, an engaging medium is important to deliver the information you need customers to see. With the average website visitor spending no more than 400 seconds on a website, you need to give your information fast, and a video is the ideal medium for this.

A web video can provide your potential clients a snapshot of your portfolio in seconds, with the ideal motion graphics video length being 1 - 3 minutes.

The Toneyes 2D Animation Studio

Explainer Videos

Our 2D animation studio is well known for explainer videos. We have worked with governments and sophisticated brands from the biotech industry. We are known for transforming complicated material into easy understandable videos.

Image Videos & Company Videos

As a branding agency we have a concept team that creates emotional and effective videos to conncect with your target audience. We bring across your vision and make your audience believe in your brand in a certain way.

HTML5 animation & Lottie Animation

As a 2D animation company with its own web design, graphic design and motion design departments, we have developed a skill set that are used in all our web design projects; "Lottie animation and HTML5 animation. We transform simple icons and illustrations into engaging html animations that are fast loading and viewable on every device.

    The 2D Animation Video Process

    To keep the quality and every artwork leaving our graphic design agency consistent is to run every single product trough the same process. The difference is in the details.

    1 The Direction & Moodboard

    Where Ideas come together and form soemthng even better.

    The first process is the creative process where we sit together with our clients and decide on the direction which way the motion graphics video is going to go. We define the length, the script direction and even work together on the informations that is required for the initial video.

    2 Scripting

    The foundation of every 2D Animation Video

    The story begins in your head crafted from facts. After our 2D animation company team have understood the message behind the video project we write the script.

    3 Storyboarding

    The visualization of the video

    Our team prepares the Storybaord which presents each keyframe along with the script. This part will be an important milestones before the innitial animation begins.

    4 Animation & Production

    2D Animation Process & Voice Over Recording

    This is the part where the storyboard comes alive. With an international 2D animation team we are flexible in time. Bits by bits will be presented to the client. After presenting a Draft the client you have the possibilitiy for feedbacks and ammendments.

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