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Branding Services

Why Corporate Branding is so Important

Today’s market and target audience is deciding out of visual communication if they want to buy your product or work with your company.

Corporate branding is the most important feature of your company; it gives you an identity and reflects who you are, what you stand for and of course what you are selling. 

We as a Bangkok based branding agency focuses on your market segmentation and your competition and make sure that you will stand out in your target market. We believe that every company or product idea is great, the only problem that most of the start up companies have is to sell their products or services.

That’s where Toneyes comes in and consults you.

We offer and supply professional corporate branding and custom logo design for our clients: custom logotype and typefaces specially handcrafted for your company.

 Our know how and experience create for you your unique branding.

Branding Services


Give yourself a strong brand identity that people won’t ever forget. Our branding services provides you with professional research in order to develop a unique brand message and professional design concept that reflects upon you as a company.

Graphic Design

Here at Toneyes, we are motivated to go the extra mile to conjure innovative visual communication tricks that will positively impact your sales trends and revenue. Our whole team works collaboratively together, bringing the power of creative minds to bring your design to the next level.

Web Design

Our web design services include providing you with a unique web presence through building your brand, developing a detailed user experience process, entailing high quality and customized images, and maintaining your website’s SEO to create strong keyword analysis and web performance.

Motion Graphic

Interactive media design and motion graphics are a powerful tool in marketing your brand. Our motion graphic services provide you with unique script writing, elaborate storyboarding, voiceover recordings, and motion graphics animations.

The Corporate Branding Journey

The journey begins with you. Learn more about our customer journey and creative process on how we can bring your brand identity to the next level.

1 Understanding

Toneyes wants to learn who your brand is, inside and out.

We learn in detail about your target audience, your mission and vision as a brand. Once there is a clear understanding of who you are, then our team is able to create a corporate branding that is uniquely crafted to your company.

This step includes:

  • Kickoff & Creative Meetings
  • Observation Days
  • Managers & Key Personal Interviews

2 Research

Knowing, Understanding & Targeting

Our market research gives you a full report, how your competitors interact with their target audience. Our design and branding concept gives you a recommendation on how to approach your clients. After approving the concept we make a design market research which analyzes the design approach of your competition and gives you a recommendation on how it appears with your company.

This step inlcudes:

  • Understanding Competition
  • We define the standard and set the bar

3 Concept

We want your brand to be unique, by developing a professional brand concept that can be applied across all marketing platforms. Our team works closely together, creating moodboards, brainstorming ideas and combining the power of creative minds to come up with unique brand concept that your company can call your own.

We craft with you:

  • Vision Statements
  • Brand Message
  • Company Keywords & Identity
  • Slogans
  • Market Segmentation

4 Creative Process

Every Design is a Development and Merging of many Creative & Different Ideas.

Here at Toneyes, the creative process is followed almost religiously. It begins with the process of sketching out ideas, followed by team and client discussions on the design direction, creating customized typefaces and graphic elements, to creating brand guidelines to support your brand.

This step inlcudes:

  • Moodboard by different creative agents
  • Internal & External Creative Meetings
  • Realisation of Brand Presentation Example Artwork

5 Production

We understand the importance of paying attention to the details. We are proud as a small agency that we are capable of doing all the production in house within our own internal team. 

Services include:

6 Brand Development

Once we have achieved a strong brand identity presence in the market, we believe there is always room for development. We are motivated to continue working with your brand on future projects and branding materials through our brand development and support services.

We usually help building brands by:

  • Supporting our Clients with our Agency Customer Support (SPOQ)
  • Production Services (as stated above)
  • Brand Management
  • White Label Agency Services
  • Marketing & Advertising Concepts

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