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What is SPOQ?

SPOQ is a customer service and support package that has been designed for our agency’s clients. In Toneyes, in addition to building brands and creating websites and web application, we do several other tasks for our clients. These tasks ranges from conducting simple graphic design tasks and technical website support to design and brand consultancy.

We have re-designed and innovated the collaboration process with our clients by removing unnecessary time from our accounting and administration department, thus creating a new product called Toneyes SPOQ.


Free calls & support over Phone
Timelog Record
Fast Response Time
Complimentary Project
Budget your support
Buy Production Hours
No Accounting and Administration Time

What can SPOQ Hours used for?

  • Graphic Design Services
  • Video Production / Motion Graphics
  • Technical Support
  • Bug Fixes and small developments
  • Brand Consultancy
  • Concept Ideas
  • General Development

SPOQ is designed for small tasks and consultancy service that helps clients to budget the amount of support and lowering the total hours required by eliminating administration and accounting processes. SPOQ Task cannot be longer than 8 hours unless there is an agreement with Toneyes directly.
Toneyes SPOQ also offers our clients the chance to obtain several complimentary projects that support our internship program and the education of the future generation of Thai designers. 

Excluded from the SPOQ Hours:

  • SPOQ is limited to a client or a project
  • SPOQ task cannot be longer than 8 hours at a time
  • SPOQ excludes Copywriting Services

Our SPOQ Packages:


12 hours
Valid for 1 year

22,800THB / 660CHF


18 hours free 2 hours
Valid for 1 year

34,200THB / 990CHF


24 hours free 3 hours
Valid for 1 year

45,600THB / 1,320CHF


36 hours free 5 hours
Valid for 1 year

68,400THB / 1,980CHF

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