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What does Toneyes do?

1. Creating Awareness

Social media is a powerful tool to bring awareness to your brand and message. Like a siren calling from behind the wallow rocks, luring the sailors with a voice that cannot be refused.   

We do this with attractive engaging content posted on the right chanel. Creating awarness to your target audeience.

2. Engaging with your Audience

The siren engages with their audience using their unique calls. The sailors feel a sense of curiosity and interest, and with determination he follows the sounds of the voices.

3. Generate Inquiries

By reaching the shores of the wallow creeks, the sailor climbs the slippery rocks in pursuit to find the source of his curiosity. As he climbs one step at a time, the voices get more distinctive and clear.

4. Conversion

The siren was successful in luring the sailors to the shores. Capturing the sailors and leaving only their bones behind. The siren, who is hungry for more, begins her calls again waiting for the next sailor to arrive.



Toneyes provides consultancy services to give you insights on how to utilize social media to bring brand awareness to your audiences.

Digital Media

With understanding of your brand objectives, our team is prepared to create meaningful digital content that resonates with your audiences in order to bring powerful conversion rates.


Creating strategic social media campaigns by setting necessary goals and objectives to build awareness and communicate your brand message.

Development & Automisation

Through developments and automisations, our team monitors your social media campaigns and makes the necessary adjustments to reach a successful outcome.

Workshops & Collaboration

We collaborate closely with your team to build knowledge in the social media industry so that you can as well become independent in creating meaningful digital content for your audiences.

Expertise & Requests

Our social media projects are confidential with our clients. If you would like to enquire about a project, please contact us and our team will get back to you at the earliest.

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