Custom Web Design & Development

Toneyes is a creative web design company based in Bangkok, Thailand. Utilising our expertise and professional web development services, we create stunning websites that increase web presence significantly

We offer our clients CMS solutions and custom HTML websites, HTML5 animation and web application development. Our design team and our web development team work seamlessly and cohesively together on every custom web design concept to create a succinct and well-researched design and a technical concept that brings together a plethora of different specialist angles, to assure you that the website both works aesthetically and maintains a high quality coding standard

Nowadays quality custom web design and creative web design companies are harder to find than most people realise. Those posing as web design companies tend to use finished templates and components to create your website, simply adjusting minor attributes of the design to tailor it to your business more appropriately. However, this is merely a temporary solution, as true professionalism shines through in a company that has custom web design that is both succinctly functional and visually appealing. Our development team comprises of professional graphic designers, PHP developers and CSS developers who are all experts in their given field ensuring the exceptional quality of your custom web design in the hands of Toneyes.

The Web Design Process

Building Your Brand

In the beginning of your project, our web development services team will research on your competition and hold internal creative meetings to brainstorm brand ideas. We’ll then work closely with you on your vision statement and align your brand and the branding elements on your custom web design with your vision statement. Our creative web design team will also create infographics to make sure your target audience clearly understands your vision, message and service offering in detail. 

Detailed UI & User Experience Process

Our creative web design team have successfully built and launched numerous websites based on our specially-designed custom web design, making us an expert in UI and user experience. For every custom web design, we make sure it allows your users to easily navigate through the website and understand every information provided in the website.

Highest Development Standards & Pixel Quality

In our web development services team, we’ve integrated our Switzerland-based development team with our creative web design department to ensure every website created by us achieves the perfect balance of design, usability, performance and development standards. This ensures your website both works aesthetically and maintains a high-quality coding standard.

Our team mostly builds custom web design applications based on high-performance PHP framework. We also work with CMS solutions and are experts in implementing third-party applications.

Search Engine Optimisation

We make sure your website is fully optimised in every step of the production process by maintaining your website’s optimisation, conducting keyword analysis and monitoring its performance. Our onsite SEO service is included in all our web development services package.  

Launching Your Website to the World

During your website’s launch, we make sure all information in your online channels are up to date. Managing your social media accounts, search engines and webmaster tools setup are all included in our launch process standards.

If any hosting or technical issues arise during the launch journey, our technical and support team will immediately resolve them.

Support - Toneyes SPOQ

We make sure your website is fully optimized in every step of the production process by maintaining your website’s optimization, conducting keyword analysis and monitoring its performance. Our onsite SEO service is included in all our web development services packages.  

    To keep the quality and every artwork leaving our graphic design agency consistent is to run every single product trough the same process. The difference is in the details.

    1 Understanding

    Our team has the responsability to understand every brochure, publication that the team is working on.

    We believe to create the right designs and layouts and to create the best visual solutions possible is to understand the content of every single artwork in details. Doesnt matter if its a complex investment memorandum or a hundred page academic publication. 

    2 Content Strategy

    Building the Skeleton of a Design

    Content is the most important part of all artwork. Every artwork is build uppon a wireframe or a layout sketch depending if its a one or two page design or a hundred page magazine or corporate brochure design. 

    3 Design Concept

    Crafting a brand message for every artwork.

    Within this process we understand the required message to the target audience and we define how the message will be delivered and how it will be perceived by the target audience. The design concepts draws the outline for the final artwork.

    4 Design Digitalization

    This is the final step drawing the details based on the wireframe and the concept.

    This is the final step conducted by our graphic designers. Building the design based on the content strategy & the design concept, our design production team digitalized the desing for our clients draft presentation.

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