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About the corporate identity of Food Festival

Food Festival is a event located in Passugg Switzerland. The corporate identity design is build on following concept:
By just presentation the corporate logo as a standalone people already have to understand what the event is all about.
The main words for the events are: "food, culture and imagination", those words we took and implemented them into the corporate identity.
The word "food" we put to a focus, and used actual food to build and outline the logo type. With culture we implemented the different kind of foods to the logotype, such as seafood with vegetables and more. And with the word "imagination" we created the illustrated style of the logo type.

With the logo subtitle the corporate logo gives the event the full corporate identity. The concept of the logo is simple: "impress and make it look impressing". Our creative design team based in Bangkok, Thailand had their roots in Switzerland and already researched a lot on Swiss Infrastructure, and next to the minimalistic simple and clean concrete constructions the logo makes a nice contrast that represents a "Escape to an other world".

Overall it was important to for Food Festival to create a corporate logo and a corporate identity. Which gave the event a face and explained visually to people what they can expect on the event. Corporate Identity Design became so important in the today's world, so important that corporate identity is a must for every major event.

Why Food Festival needed a corporate identity design

Food Festival Switzerland is organized by the Swiss School of Hospitality and the last 5 years the event took the colors and corporate identity of the school it self. Of course the schools corporate logo was more conservative and actually didn't fit to the concept of the food festival, which was "food, culture and imagination"

Food Festival hired Toneyes, a Bangkok, Thailand based design & web agency who offers professional graphic design services such as creating a creating corporate identity design.


We were really happy with the work of Toneyes, their creativity and expertise in matters of marketing and visual communication strategies, helped us to create a powerful impressive corporate identity. Since we work with a lot of marketing professionals, we also got a lot of positive feedbacks.

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