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The Corporate identity of a mobile application is always a delicate topic. There are so many mobile application, competitors and rival apps that you have to deal with.
BitConstructor came up with the task to create a unique corporate identity and a unique logo so this mobile application lifts itself up from the composition.

BitConstructor also made the mobile application development for this mobile application. The most important thing to create a successful corporate identity for a mobile application is to:

  • Be different from the other mobile applications.
  • Show personality
  • Usability
  • Simplicity in design, simple to read people need to understand what your App is about in the first seconds
  • Show the personality in the logo
  • The mobile application corporate identity project was a really creative project. BitConstructor had the opportunity to be a part of the concept and give the mobile application a face.

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BitConstructor was a really good partner to start up a mobile application. The concept of the corporate identity was really nice. The Logo Design we really like and it makes our mobile application design unique.

Art Director Review

Corporate identity concept was "everything around you", so what we came up with was the use one "oval" shape and merge everything together. It should represent that everybody can connect to each other and that the mobile application is all about getting together all the people.

BitConstructor creative recruitment always is coming up with new unique designs. Daniel Benz as the art DIrector of BitConstructor and his design team came up with a truly unique design and corporate identity idea for this mobile application development project.

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