A spring board to a new idenity for the Mochi Sweets Brand

The graphic design company Toneyes designs this specific Mochi Sweets product catalog design with the mission to define a clearer and more advances branding for the client to redesign and develop their visual statement that their products are high quality and from Japanese origin. 

This specific product catalog design showcases the items on a clean simple design and emphasis on the minimalism. The minimalism focuses each items in the artwork. 

The contrast between black and white and the even distribution of the colours gives the product catalog design a well thought of balance which is needed for the usability to read trough the content systematically.

With the basics of contract, texture, Colors and simple typography we as graphic design company designed a branding which is used for Mochi Sweets trough our whole Asia. 

Custom character design also give the product catalog design a twist for the readers to break trough the single tone of minimalism. As well were the characters used later on as mascots and the Mochi Sweets even produced the characters as USD Sticks and as keychains. 

Toneyes the graphic design company based in Bangkok Thailand, designed with a simple product catalog design far more than just a simple artwork, the graphic design company designed a whole branding campaign. This artwork was literally a springboard to an entire new identity for Mochi Sweets.

This project is an other great example that every little artwork the graphic design company is working on is focusing on the production of a very thoughtful visual message brought from our clients to their clients.

This project was also the first project for this client and leaded to a set of other products such as the Mochi Sweets website, motion graphics video and several packaging designs such as "the autumn festival packaging design" and the "new years packaging design".


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