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Scott Berry Consulting by graphic design companysbc group web agency bangkok designScott Berry Consulting Group is a development agency, based in Bangkok. SBC Group delivers high-quality technical guidance, service design, evaluation and qualitative research. SBC Group provides new thinking to health and civil society partners in Africa, in Asia and across the Pacific.

With a small team in Bangkok Scott Berry leads a innovative to solve problems and issues in our society. Innovative thinking is what changes people lives, with this vision the team of SBC Group confronts and analysis the issues of our society and changes the world by starting to change individual people lives.

Scott Berry Consulting was seeking for a trusted graphic design agency as well for a experience web design agency to create corporate identity design and as well a website for their publications.

You can visit the Scott Berry consulting Website here

Corporate Identity Design Concept by the graphic design company Toneyes

SBC Group had the requirement to have a coporate identity present on all social media platforms expecially on LinkedIn and Facebook.

The graphic design company Toneyes designed a custom logo design that reflects the teams professionalism, innovative thinking. The question was how to really reflect the new companies image? And how to present the company on all the social Media Platorms.

With the concept to use powerful slogans and headlines with the focus on positive solutions and messages rather then to aware people on problems and issues, will give SBC Group the needed positive approach of clients. 

This is a perfect case where a web agency and as well a graphic design company is needed. Where Toneyes has it experienced in both fields, the young agency helped to figure out a unique way how to brand a innovative development agency in Bangkok.

With passion and motivation of both the web agency and the client we worked out a beautiful but simple concept for Scott Berry Consulting, so their are able get a big voice in the social media world.

What the client says about the graphic design company

It's very simple but really slick, thanks to the amazing team at Toneyes Design & Web Agency. You should use them if you're thinking of building a website and corporate identity design; they are professional, responsive and great value for money. Just do it! You won't be sorry.

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