Catalogue Design Fox Depot

Fox Depot is a China based wooden furniture manufacturer. With the initial idea to rebrand the Fox Depot company this catalogue design for the next exhibition in China was the launch project and the first initiation on a collaboration between the graphic design agency in Thailand and the Chinese furniture factory.

Concept and Direction

The catalogue design was based on the concept to bring more quality and present their high quality products in a more sophisticated way. With not being happy with the development of their previous catalogue design project, Fox Depot has given Toneyes the task to give the catalogue design a new refreshing, exclusive look.

Our concept was to bring back the values of the company and to reconnect to the environment friendliness with initial vision to have people making their personal connection with nature.
The first few pages of the new catalogue design contains introductory pages to the brand and the company. With working with the existent images, our team put together graphic design artwork and represent the values of the brand.

Graphic Design Production

The catalogue design production contains about 100 pages. And contained a new set of furnitures. The whole catalogue design is conceptualized to shift the focus to the product itself. By removing all unnecessary graphic design elements, we have manged to create a clean slick design and sift the focus on the quality of the products.

The high quality wooden furniture of Fox Depot as well receive additional value and imagination points with the lifestyle images on each category page, so the costumer can imagine the furniture standing at their home. This important graphic design feature is designed to increase the client's willingness to buy the products.

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