LTC GroupLions Trading Club is a financial organisation that focuses on creating a community for big and small investors. Lions Trading Club Group contains different kind of partner companies, such asLions Trading Club.

With LTC Group our agency had the chance a work on different brand projects and combine all brands into one umbrella.With LTC Group our agency had the chance a work on different brand projects and combine all brands into one umbrella.

The corporate identity project is a good example of Toneyes at full scale work by using all different kind of medias such as motion graphics, graphic design and web design. With the LTC corporate identity project our agency learned more about modern trading economics and it gave us the chance to see the world as well from a totally different perspective. 

With the great collaboration and the professionalism of the LTC Group team our agency was able to create awesome brand projects as you can see below. This project is one of the brand flagships for the year 2017 and will be continuing to extend with additional current project in 2018.

LTC Group the company

Since the second quarter of the year 2017 our agency really focuses to work with passionate clients that have a clear vision to be visualised. In LTC our agency found a great partner so we can use our skills to help LTC grow their brand and communicate their brand message to their community. Our agency has the privilege to work with the LTC team to revolutionize the investors business and to help them to create their community to revolutionize the modern trading business. We are proud to say that a common corporate identity have turned into a great partnership where we as agency have the possibility and freedom to get things. LTC Group is as well one of our first members of our newly formed customer service Toneyes Spock.

LTC academy invictus corporate identity inside@2x

LTC cryptofarm corporate identity inside@2x

LTC group ltc cash corporate identity inside@2x

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