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The 9th Studio is German managed photo shooting and photo retouching company that’s based in Bangkok, Thailand. To stand out from other companies, the company had decided to hire Toneyes to help them create a strong branding. To accomplish this, our agency had participated in creating their website, flyer, banner, and business card. 



The concept of the project

After holding numerous branding discussions with the 9th Studio and creative brainstorming sessions with our team, our agency was able to come up with four main keywords that summarized the company’s main beliefs -- precise, flexible, systemised, and reliable. We were also able to come up with their main brand message -- “Where Images Are Created.” These messages was then highlighted in their promotional materials (website, flyer, banner, and business card).

Our Actions

Based on these four keywords, our agency then created a moodboard filled with various creative ideas that can strengthen their company’s branding. From this, we decided to use the combination of red and white in the 9th Studio’s promotional materials.

Our agency also partook in creating their motion video, which was used for their website. As a result of our comprehensive branding efforts, we were able to emphasize their image in the industry.

Challenges during the project

One challenge that our team faced was creating a branding concept that’s highly unique, creative, and different from their competitors. To overcome this, we spent hours conducting thorough research on the 9th Studio and the competitors in the Thai market. To further highlight the company’s uniqueness and main message, our agency also used several images from their portfolio. These images was then used for their promotional material in order to accentuate the company’s professionalism, photographing and retouching ability, and brand.

In this project, we were able to sharpen our skills because were able to challenge ourselves and think out of the box. In this project, we were able to sharpen our skills because were able to challenge ourselves and think out of the box.

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