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About the Client

Established in 2010, Fox Depot is a solid wood furniture manufacturer based in China. The company produces products that promotes healthy and a range that provides comfort and convenience. The company takes pride in using natural wood, which allows them to emphasize the usage of materials that guarantees a healthy living environment and durable products.

With the aim of exhibiting their latest range, the company once again worked with Toneyes to create their new catalogue design, leaping into a brand new concept.

The Project and its Concept

For the past 3 years, our company worked Fox Depot's annual catalogue design. Specifically for this year's design, we were asked to conceptualize for the redesigning of the catalogue design. This project was once again a platform for Toneyes to exhibit their skills into bringing our client's visions into life. The catalogue was made to convey a fun and custom made feel to their brand and products.

Since it is the company's pride using materials that is of nature, we have incorporated that idea into the line of design that we want to follow. We made use of the environment's natural design, integrating its beauty into the catalogue design. Our team of designers showcased landscapes into the interior design of the catalogue, transforming plain still images of furniture into photos filled with life with the use of photo retouching. We have also used an image of a fox into the catalogue, which embodies the smart attribute of the brand.

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End Result

The success of the outcome of the new catalogue has made our client really happy with the end product. It brought satisfaction to our client, seeing his input of what he wanted to see in the catalogue rebranding taking effect. Looking through the new catalogue has said to often bring a smile into our client.
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