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Kiribilli - Powerpoint Presentation Design

About the Client

Kiribilli is a business that serves as an alternative investment marketplace that gives licensed investors business opportunities to be linked with highly audited companies that would be needing investments. This client also provides opportunities to investors to speculate in asset-based lending. Their company administers investment offerings from investors who are competent and are in the business for a long time, holding a good business record in their own respective investment fields. In Kiribilli, they prioritze providing great services to both receiving ends of their services.

With their excellent service performance, the company worked with Toneyes to create a powerpoint presentation design to communcate their performance report to their existing members.


The Project and its Concept

An excellent report comes with an excellent presentation medium. With the company's report, they have trusted our company to create a powerpoint presentation design that would successfully address their company performance assessment to their members.

The powerpoint presentation design was constructed with an industrial look that matches the company's nature. The design also housed the company's colors that are incorporated in their website as well. Our company created a powerpoint presentation design that contains elements that represents the data that the company intended to present. Toneyes arranged the material to present data and information efficiently and clearly. It was also used to be able to communicate future plans and visions for the company's direction.

Kiribilli presentation

To know more about Kiribilli, visit their website:

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