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NIDC Network for International development Corporation, is a ASEAN organisation administrated by the Thammasat University in Bangkok Thailand.

Toneyes as a long year trusted web design company design and developed the web development project NIDC with the concept to create a scholar community and to create a international development community.

The mission was to bring intellectuals together and create a community to help the development in south east asian country in the ASEAN organisation.   
The web development is based on a Joomla based CMS System and the online unive

Web development for the university

The website includes a custom web development. NIDC receives a custom component where they can handle and manage their developments projects that they launch.
The functions are the following:

• People can launch to be able to comment and see further informations.
• The administrator can assign people and users to be active users and contributors to each projects.
• Contributors can upload their report which can be viewed by website visitors
• Forum like functions where people can comment on a report
• 2 way communication between visitor and contributor


We where really happy about the work of Toneyes, they created with their web design a whole branding for our organisation. The web development has been realised professionally.


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