3Paws is a japanese managed company in Thailand is focusing on Pet Lover's in Thailand. 3Paws hired Toneyes a ecommerce web design company to realise their webstore idea.

The requirement to create a simple userfriendly shop for Pet Lover's in Thailand was simple: "A straigt forward shop, witht he easiest handlich of inventory and the best webshop user experience". It was clear for the 3Paws team, that a professional ecommerce web design company and also a custom web design company was need to design and develop that kind of a webstore.

With the clients help we designed a webstore with a japanese inspired graphic design. On clients request the ecommerce website should be build on a CMS System where he would be able to have full control over control over the content. The shop sytem also was required to be able to administer in the fastest and simplest way.

Custom Joomla Webshop by a ECommerce Web Design Company

The disadvantage to use a predeveloped shop system such as OXID or Virtuemart for Joomla is that the modifications of the shop functions are limited not only technically but deisgn whise too.

As a professional web design company, we strongly believe that the best webshop solution whould be designed to the idea of a webstore and not the other way around. That is the reason why we at Toneyes create customised shop components on the Joomla based CMS system. Our custom ecommerce shop for 3Paws includes function such as a inventory system which puts products automatlicly out of stock of the stock is empty. Additionally an additional developed discount system gives the client the opportunity to have full control of his discount programs by date.

What the client says about us

Toneyes is a great professional ECommerce web design company and we where really happy to be able to create a customised webstore which fulfils the requirement of our own idea. The administration of our shop is really easy and simple and also saves us a lot of administration time. We recommend Toneyes as a Ecommerce web design company for start ups.

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