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Domilio is a web application developed by a web and mobile application development company based in Thailand. As one of the best web application development company in Bangkok Toneyes creates with his client a unique great job portal for switzerland.

Domilio is a platform where people with unique service can offer their service and directly get hired and paid trough the domilio website. Domilio offers the security for both sides and provides a the buyers certified and approved suppliers and the suppliers also a professional online handling of their services.

Where other web development companies develop and ask for a list of requirements to develop a system, Toneyes instead made a overall market research and analyzed the behavior in other countries where such kind of web applications already existed. Trough the teamwork between the client and the web and mobile development company Toneyes, a unique website in Switzerland was born.

The concept

The website was launched in Switzerland and our target audience were young people. The concept was “Who has the coolest job in the world”. We wanted to build a website where people can offer unique services to the public. Such as singing a song on the airport or other unique job idea.

Our Toneyes Team strongly believes if you want to be the best web application development company, you defenatly need to participate and be a part of great ideas. You need to fully support the idea to be able to create something greater. Domilio is that kind of a project where we create something new and trying to trendset the new modern way how to offer professional and unique services to the Swiss Public.

What our client says

It is truly hard to find a competent web and mobile application development company that really cares about your project. With all the bad experiences with other web development companies, we were happy to have a opportunity to work with Toneyes an experienced web and mobile application development company a company who truly cares about the outcome of the project and it’s success.

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