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About the creative web design for Kuala Lumpur Kids in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is just great for kids. Toneyes create a creative design for a website portal in malaysia that is all around things to do, activities, suppliers, schools for kids in the great south east asian metropole Kuala Lumpur. 

The website is a custom build directory build in a high perfomance PHP framework Symfony2. Toneyes concepted a custom build CMS system where handling and managing all directories and entries are amde easy. Directories can be create and fully managed by the web master. 

Web Users can claim directories and will be leaded to a payment gateaway system which enabled their claimed directory entries to have a custom web gallery and a longer description text. 

Creative design for the website in Malaysia

Our concept was really simple with the corporate identity: "Show Kuala Lumpur in the eyes from the children", even with a minimalistic web design structure and clean design we designed the website with some keyfeature to give the parents a view of Kuala Lumpur in the perspective of the children. The header makes the website inviting and give the directory a professional distringuished look. The Kuala Lumpur for kids has become a use friendly website with a nice user experience with focus to retrieve important informations for parents and really to become the Nr 1 portal for parents either living in Kuala Lumpur or visiting Kuala Lumpur for holidays. 

Additional and full scope of features

Since the website is a web application not based on a CMS system, the administration and control of the content of the website is really within the directory component itself. About us text are hardcoded to prevent a heave CMS system which requires a lot of javascript being loaded. A simple backend allows the webmaster to manage all account and directories and have a good overview of the actual informations. Full right to extend certain directories and define certain free directories as premium pais posts. 

A well categoriesed system and a user friendly interface allows the website visitor to retrieve informations fast and to really focus on the activities for their kids and really explore Kuala Lumpur for kids.


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