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About Kreafeuer and the Electric Fire in Switzerland

Krea Feuer, a revolution of fire. Fire has always fascinated humanity, and is one of our the most important discoveries.

Kreafeuer learned how to create it in an entirely new way and put control over nature’s most elusive elements into your hands. Kreafeuer runs on water, an innovative system which turns water into steam and with an advanced lighting system technology that creates a realistic fire.

A fire that's fully adjustable, with control at the tips of your fingers. A fire that’s completely safe for you, and your family. With the power of water, steam, and light, we turn nature’s most unpredictable and destructive forces, into an Eco Friendly alternative. Because we are a team that has been in the Fireplace installation and interior design for many years. We understand the power and the beauty of fire. Which is why our clientele are hotels, Restaurants, and Individuals who love design but understand the necessity of a safe, sustainable solution.

Krea Feuer Continues to strive for new designs that make the impossible, a possible solution
Because Kreafeuer has a passion for fire. 

About the web design concept of Kreafeuer

We created a custom build website for our client. With a looping video on the homepage we created a perfect illusion and showcase of the fire already on the homepage. Our team carefully created a concept that triggers the client interest for more information for this product. 

A carefully designed showcase of great portfolio images and projects we perfectly showcase the know how of the Kreafeuer company. Toneyes also took care of the copywriting and the motion graphics product video on the homepage. 
Additionally to the website, Toneyes, also created the branding for Kreafeuer and gave the whole brand a distingued look for elegance and perfection. This is clearly a wonderful showcase how we are laying out the concept and branding for a new company including a logo design, web design concept that includes a corporate identity concept.

This project shows that Toneyes creates more than just websites, it is more about the whole appearance on the web and the concept how you are presenting your product and services to your target audience. 

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