Your Muesli Mix was a web application design project done in 2016 by the web application company Toneyes, an agency located in Bangkok Thailand. The concept of the web application concept was to build a simple user friendly possibility to order a healthy customisable breakfast quick and simple and receive it conveniently to your doorstep.


E-Commerce and the Your Muesli Shop

The Your Muesli Web Application design and shop was build based on Symfony2 a high performance PHP framework. Implemented a sophisticated but simple E-Commerce System. An additional developed database expert helps the client to export a daily order report in a excel or CSV file, that is able to be imported in any CRM or 3rd party inventory system.

Siam Pay Integration

The web application design and development project by a web application company has a Siam Pay integrated. With consistent data feed from Siam Pay after receiving a payment over E-Banking or cash over counter “ Your Muesli Mix ” updates the statuses of each order automatically.
Professional Design & Concept by a Web Application Company
As a web application company and experience in brand design, corporate identity, we have create the Your Muesli Mix logo design. The concept was during the process and production with the client developed into a morning concept.

Whenever you look at the brand Your Muesli Mix you would feel like you waking up on a sunny morning. The delicious happy colors in the brand and in each photography makes every element more appetizing.

Mobile Device Support and Responsive Design

Mobile Devices are strongly considered in this project. The optimisation for mobile devices was one of the focus points in this project. If you preview the website and try to mix your own muesli over a mobile device the user experience is just convenient. People can order quick and the navigation through the order and mixing process just makes fun.

We are proud of the website and now everybody in Thailand can just simply mix their own muesli and have it shipped directly to your doorstep. Try it now visit

your muesli mix web application design screen

your muesli mix web application design screen 2


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