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Soulawa is a handmade craft website platform. Vita and Sven, the owners and founders of Soulawa, had approached the team in Toneyes in order to establish and build a new platform that truly cares about hand crafters, artisans and also people who loves handmade crafts. Working closely together, Toneyes was able to develop a platform that connects handmade artisans and hand crafters with people who enjoy handmade items.

The concept of this website was to create a possibility for handmade craft artist and artisans to create their own shops and to promote the artist from wherever they are. In this web programming project, there is greater emphasis on underlining the passion about handmade things and, specifically, about the artists themselves. At this stage, Toneyes created the brand, brand message and the logo design for Soulawa. You can check out the work for those specific mediums in the links provided.

The web programming and website part was built on a Symfony2 based system. Our team created a custom system that enables any artist the chance to create their own shops and list their products on Soulawa for a very small fee. From here, artisans and shop owners can directly sell their items to their clients located all over the world.

The web programming for Soulawa included a custom shop system function where users can create their shop and publish their products, post images and videos about their work. Payments being made will directly go from the buyer to the shop owner, with a small processing fee being made to Soulawa. 

With Soulawa our team had learned a lot about complex multiple party payments and payment redirections. Through this project Toneyes has reached another milestone, which is to create a highly complex multifunctional shop system that included a web brand and social media advertising campaign.

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