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SBC Health Net Web Page Development SBC Health Net is a website portal with the vision to help people living with communicable diseases such as HIV, depression, diabetes and cancer. In addition to this, for those wishing to improve their team management skills, the website also provides various information about professional training sessions and workshops for professionals. 

Scott Berry, a holder of multiple PhD’s in public health related fields, has built this website with the aim to reach more people and assist the target audience in improving their quality of life. 

The concept

In cooperation with the client, we have designed a user experience that can help users to get the information they need quickly while allowing SBC Health Net to connect with their audience in a better way. Along with this, we have also designed a strategy where people will be required to sign up if they wish to get more information.

We have based the design and user experience on a good health experience, where all the provided health advice can bring users a great experience with feeling of comfort. 

Production of the health advice website brand

The health advice website was based on an initial redesign project, where our team built a website based on an existing consulting company website. The web page development for this website is built on the Symfony2 PHP framework. To increase the ease in website usage for our client, our team has also created a user-friendly backend where the web admin can easily create a blog by a quick blog upload within just few minutes. 

Our Toneyes team had also worked on the SBC Health Net Brand and on various blog videos that are currently promoting the blogs. Feel free to take a look at our work, which are linked to the specific works. 

Sbc mobile Website portfolio

Sbc Macbook Website portfolio

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