Sumernet website design

SUMERNET - Website Design

The Project

Toneyes once again worked with SUMERNET to create another instrument to better exhibit their company. With this project, our team developed a website design that further communicates relevant information regarding the company and their projects. 

This was created to also showcase the company's vision, mission, and message. The purpose of the website design was to become an effective platform to show the public what they stand for and as well as use it to broadcast environmental and societal issues that needed to be addressed and resolved in the long run.

The creation process

Following the concept to better communicate the understanding of the overall project of the company that covers 6 different countries, Toneyes used color schemes, images, and symbols in the creation process of the website design that represented the company and their work. The utilization of images that represents the countries, issues, and projects was also a vital component of the creation process.

Our team values incorporating our clients' input, as well as their brand message in all of our works. For this project in particular, our team worked inspired by what the company wants to voice out using their web platforms. This website design is the final product of the collaboration and brainstorming of our team and SUMERNET.

sumernet publication page simulation
sumernet publication page simulation

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