About the condominium project

For iCondo Phuket, Toneyes created a new unique branding strategy which includes graphical elements and a website which has been a key element in the marketing strategy of iCondo Phuket.

The web design is based in a minimalistic design, with the strategy to get the best conversation rate on condominium reservations and revenue.

The requirement of the website was to be the supporting element for their marketing campaign which also has been design by Toneyes.

Web Design for a Condominium in Phuket

iCondo hired us as a professional web design company to create the branding along with the website concept for the new condominium development in Phuket.

The Website includes mainly graphics and is build on a simple way, so the iCondos target audience can follow trough the information on the website in the best and fastest way. The flow of the website has also been designed to get in personal contact with the clients in the fastest way.

The website is based on a CMS system and includes also a custom developed floor plan of the condominium building. As a professional web design company we analysed the usability with a wide range of clients which was mainly reaching the age from 40-65 to assure the functionality and usability of the website.


First we where seeking a professional web design company based in Phuket, with a bad experience in high cost and not delivering in our expectations we where getting in contacts with companies outside of Phuket.

Toneyes, as a professional web design company based in Bangkok, offered us a really professional and creative direction to our marketing. Where other companies designed the same kind of graphics by using a lot of stockphotos, Toneyes created a unique branding for us which separates us from our competition.

By needing a professional web design company in Phuket, Toneyes was offering a really great alternative solution with its office based in Bangkok.

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