Music Video Poject Nael

Low Budget Music Video by Toneyes. The Song "Never Let me Go" from the Swiss artist "Nael" was a great music video project. With a Canon D90 we filmed the video in 2 days on a zero budget cost. The cast is by Michel B. the singer alias "Nael" and Sureephon Changarthan. 

The Music Video was shot in Bangkok, Thailand along small side roads of Bangkok. The music video includes a short special effect see with flyer flowers with was edited in a 2D animation program. 

Professional Film Editing Bangkok

The process of the film editing was simple, we took the Canon D90 footage and exported it into a PNG sequence and batch edited it with a posterised effect to give it a special look.

The Making of

The production team included Daniel Benz as camera man, film editor and director and Pyanan Yupinyo an assistant. The cast counted two actor, Michel B. "Artist" and Sureephon Changarthan. We shooted the video within 2 days and spend a budget of 100THB which we spend for the motorbike driver in the seen where you see "Nael" running. 

Toneyes offers professional film direction, film editing and motion graphics for your music video or video commercial or web video project. 
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