Motion design - AEON Mall Cambodia

The motion graphics project of Treepodia was based on the concept to rebrand Treepodia by using a new style of video presentation.

The motion graphic design is based on the idea to make everything look like in pencil sketch, handwritten. The issue is that Treepodia provides a video tool that creates automatically a slideshow like video from your the CMS Data of your existing webshop.
The video basically contains a lot of informations. So our motion graphic designer came up with the idea to have certain kinds of keyframes and key-information and show them in a simple sketch keyframe so everything seems to be looking really simple, because basicly the idea of Treeppodia is simple.
The motion design contains hand-drawn images and has been animated in video animation program.


The motion design gave treepodia a new face, we also redesigned the website after receiving the new motion design.

Art Director's Review

In this motion graphic project we used a entirely new technic to us. The inspiration was the musicvideo from the 80s called "a-ha, take on me",
We where looking for a new way for treepodia to make their presenter video looking more simpler and more attractive to video watchers.

After the successful motion graphics project of the 1st Treepodia video animation, Treepodia also launched a presta shop component where a second video followed that you see at the end of this post. 


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