Next Level Animated Explainer Video

An animation explainer video of Next Level by the animation company Toneyes showcasing the business concept of Next Level Assets.

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The power of an animated explainer video.

An animated explainer video gives every company the opportunity of a powerful first impression. First impression is often the first filter that your potential client goes through during a website sweep. In our animation company we have learned that an animated explainer video is giving you more attention from your website visitors. Additionally your website visitors are able to get additional first level basic information and gives them a very good introduction into your business idea and company concept.

Information Leveling and the role of an animation

Most people don’t see the real value of a one minute animated explainer video. However, through our long year experience as an animation company, we have concluded the following advantages by having a video on your website:

Powerful first impression

As mentioned above, never underestimate powerful first impressions.

Longer Website Visit Times

Having your website visitor click on a video will lower your bounce rate and will give you a longer website visit time per user, which will increase your SEO rating. 

Successful Business Idea Presentation

People are lazy to read and are used to scanning through the website content. Next to titles and introductory content, videos are a powerful medium of choice for your website visitor to get an introductory set of information. 

Engaging your Website Visitor to find out more about your Services or Products

During an animated explainer video, you can have people follow you on different social media channels such as Youtube. As well during the video, you are able to add hotspots to convey your video viewers to check out additional pages or channels of your own choice. Decision Making A successful video can become an on the spot decision maker. If a successful strategy has been used, it can turn your website visitors into leads.

Video use and Clients Feedback

Specifically in this project, the client uses the video as a company presentation. Making it a powerful first impression that conveys the website visitor to find out more by contacting the agent and engaging the visitor in a video call.

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