Corporate Identity
    & Branding

    We believe that every company or product idea is great, the only problem that most of the start up companies have is to sell their products or services.

    That’s where Toneyes comes in and consults you.

    We offer and supply professional corporate identity and custom logo design for our clients: custom logotype and typefaces specially handcrafted for your company.

    Our know how and experience create for you your unique branding.

    Why Corporate Identity is so Important

    Today’s market and target audience is deciding out of visual communication if they want to buy your product or work with your company.
    Corporate identity is the most important feature of your company; it gives you an identity and reflects how you work and what your working standards are.

    We as a Bangkok based design agency focus on your market segmentation and your competition and make sure that you will stand out in your target market.

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    How We Create Your Corporate Identity & Branding

    Next to our professional graphic design service, we also are experts in market research. As a company with managers with commercial and marketing background, we analyze your competition and your target audience and help you to find your marketing segmentation.

    Our market research gives you a full report, how your competitors interact with their target audience. Our design and branding concept gives you a recommendation on how to approach your clients. After approving the concept we make a design market research which analyzes the design approach of your competition and gives you a recommendation how it appears with your company. You will receive a mood-board and sketches of the logo and already get a possibility to be a part of your professional corporate identity.

    What you get

    Toneyes provides you a professional research, design concept for your branding. You will receive a company logo / logo design with custom typeface and guidelines. We also give you the RAW File and the logo design files export in all necessary image types. We also create your corporate identity book with graphic elements which give you the foundation of your brand.

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