The Agency Team

Our agency team is formed by individuals with their own specific skills & strengths to form a team that is efficient, flexible and passioned. The companies decision are made within a board called the Toneyes Union to democratize the company and to make it more efficient to our employees and to our clients.

Daniel B.

He is our Managing Director with over 10 years experience in Marketing and in Art Direction. He has his Bachelor in Marketing from Switzerland and has another Bachelor in Fine Arts with the Major in Interactive Media Design. Daniel is responsible for Marketing, Art Direction, and Client Communications.

Senior Creative Designer

Aermphon W. (Jane)

Jane is our creative designer, she has been working with Toneyes for more than 5 years. At our agency, she is leading the design team in production. With her strong creative mindset, she is improving our concepts with every project.


Aranya R.

Aranya has a degree in Visual Communications from Mahidol International College. She is currently working as our creative project manager leading our team on various projects. With her sharp critical thinking and communication skills, she is the bridge between ideas, clients, and production to ensure seamless project execution.

Tech Lead

Reto R.

Reto is our Chief Technology Officer at Toneyes Co.Ltd. He gratuated as a Webpublisher and Webmaster from Switzerland University. At toneyes, Reto is in charge of the entire technical marketing aspects for our clients as well as for Toneyes. His business vision and leadership make him a valuable manager of our Team.

Sureephon B. (Aor)

Aor is our Account and Admin executive. As a Thai National she gratuaded with a major in English from Suan Dusit University. Her Communication skills make her a valuable member of our team. At toneyes, she is in charge of the administration and accounting.

Video & Motion Designer

Arthimar N. (Nui)

Nui is our Motion Designer. With exceptional skills in animation and filming she is taking care of video concepts, animation support and coordination various video projects.
Marketing & Project Coordinator (Trainee)

Anthony B.

Anthony is one of our marketing and communication officers. With his experience in several international exchange programs he helps our team to improve communications. With his creativity he supports our design team with great ideas.

Achereeya B. (Chris)

With her background of finishing high school in Switzerland and being a enthusiastic cinematic arts students at Bangkok University Rangsit. Achereeya us a young video talent supported by our agency Toneyes. She is our youngest talent responsible for all filming projects.
Graphic Design (Intern)

Kritsada K. (Mark)

Mark, a third-year Graphic Design student at Raffles International College, is currently enriching his creative journey with the Tonneyes Internship Program. Known for his deep passion for illustrations and a flair for inventive designs, Mark brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and real-world experience to the table, promising fresh, inspiring perspectives in every project.

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