Motion Graphics Internship & Video @Toneyes - Bringing Graphics to Life.

Motion graphics is a extension of graphic design. Our motion graphics internship program will give you all the know-hows that you need to produce motion graphics and video projects all by yourself. Each graphic designer can be a motion graphics designer. In this Internship, you will learn how to animate graphics and how to create a professional video. For this internship program, you need to have good skills in graphic design and you need to be a fast learner.

Motion Graphics Designer Education Includes:

  • Basics in Film & Video
  • 2D Animation in After Effects
  • Motion Graphics Theories
  • Storyboarding and Scripting


  • Need to have a laptop
  • Need to be in a design-related major at the university
  • Need to know design basics
  • Good knowledge in graphic design

Final Project:

  • Video with Motion Graphics Animation (3-5 min)

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