story of toneyes history written

The Story of Building Toneyes

An Agency built by Values and Passion


2014 - Independance

The story begins with an young art director of a creative team within a software engineering firm received a phone call from the managing director on a Sunday evening that the creative team doesn’t need to come to the office anymore, since the software engineering firm had plans to close its doors. After a Deal from working off all signed contracts by the software engineering firm, the Art Director signed an agreement with the firm to transfer all clients under the condition to guarantee a contract based work for free and to guarantee any salary payments to affected team members.

2014 March - The Founding

With only an amount left in the bank to fund a limited company, the former Art Director founded Toneyes with one developer and one designer. Working like Nomads in a coworking space building the new agency.

2014 Building & Survival

In the first year, Toneyes pretty much took over and worked on all projects from the the old software engineering firm. Income was only generated from new follow up projects which held the agency over water.

The strategy was taken to build an SEO friendly website and to push the organic search result to get more clients.

2014 - 2015 Building a Foundation

2014 brought our company at a startup phase, by concluding all contract related projects. In 2014, it was decided that Toneyes would remain a depth free agency to stay free from financial obligations. A non loan policy was created.

2015 - 2017 Start Up Transition & Resistence

In 2015, Toneyes crafted an Internship program and offered Internships to potential new-comer employees. The Agency crafted a recruitment system to train interns and recruit people only from internship programs. Toneyes sets the value to stay as an independent agency, rejecting investors on shares after great interest.

2018 - 2020 Shaping the Ideal Agency

Since 2018, every new employee must conduct a minimum of a 2 month internship. Team members who started to join the team are still with us today. Toneyes implements Project Management Standards using ApolloHQ and started investing in an Agency App to improve communication with our clients. The Agency developed the way of communication and the process of design in the most effective way. Foundation of the Toneyes Union and the Toneyes Board resulted to change the company’s structure from individual decision making to a board decision making company.

2021 Digitalisation

We achieved a low employee change rate in our agency, we have people working in our company that are already working together in average, longer than 3 years. We achieved a low employee change rate in our agency, we have people working in our company that are already working together in average, longer than 3 years.

Since the COVID Season, our agency made the decision to fully digitalized their agency and keep a small headquarter but giving employees the freedom to work from wherever they want, breaking the barrier of limitation of time, distance and location. Our agency as well have built a good foundation of clients, reaching a client return rate into 90% of the incoming business, reducing time and cost on marketing and investing more in digital technology and improvement of the agency,

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