Professional website copywriting in Bangkok

As an experienced yet young and dynamic Design and Web Agency based in Bangkok, Toneyes is proud to offer our clients with professional website copywriting.

To guarantee the success of our clients’ websites, all copywriting work, including SEO optimization, are handled by Toneyes. This ensures all the copywriting content on our client’s website are effective and of high quality.

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What makes our website copywriting different?

Toneyes’ copywriting services is derived from our years of professional experience in SEO optimization and knowledge in web trends. As such, we offer SEO keyword analysis service for websites and in-depth SEO training for clients’ long-term success. All our copywriters are also up-to-date with the latest SEO standards and practices, allowing us to produce top-quality copywriting work that delivers recognizable results.

Why are blogs necessary?

While the actual website content is needed to explain potential and current customers about your business, blogs are also essential to attract potential customers. A Blog or News page is a place you can leverage to share insightful and interesting articles about the industry or current happenings in your company with potential and current customers.

Most importantly, a landing page is created every time a new blog post is shared. In layman’s terms, there are more chances, or entry points, for potential customers and the general audience to know and access your company’s website.

Not only is a landing page created, but interesting articles can also lead readers to share articles on social media, thus helping you reach and attract a wider audience that’s relevant to your business. Website copywriting also lets you maintain your website, retain current customers, and drive web traffic.

Professional Copywriting vs Freelance Copywriting

Although freelance copywriting seems like a quick solution for website copywriting, what many don’t realize is that they don’t uphold the same standards as professional copywriting. While a professional copywriter stays dedicated to a single project at a time, a freelance copywriter usually does several projects at once.

At Toneyes, a Design and Web Agency based in Bangkok, we analyze your business before creating and managing your website project. This means we always prepare strict guidelines for professional copywriting to ensure consistency between the designs created and the copywriting.

Our Copywriting Service Process

Toneyes, a Design and Web Agency based in Bangkok, offers copywriting services to local and international clients. There are several steps that take place in our copywriting services.

Firstly, after creating and implementing the website design concept, our creative team will devise an effective and innovative website copywriting strategy together with the client. We always involve our clients in this process to ensure their message are clearly conveyed to potential and current customers in all aspect of the website, including website design and copywriting content. Doing so allows us to create strict guidelines for our copywriters, which also consists of important keywords that need to be included in the content to enhance the website’s SEO.

We’ll then hold an internal meeting with our copywriters before they start writing the content. After the web content is ready, it will be sent to the client for approval.

After receiving the client’s approval, our content management team will enter the web content, meta description, meta keywords, and page title, readying the website for launch.

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