4 Important Points to Improve Your Creative Team

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30 June 2016
Think outside the box

Effective teamwork depends on a few key ingredients in order to develop a recipe for success. Teamwork may not be easy, many different opinions and eyes on projects can be confusing, but teamwork creates possibilities that surpass what any individual could accomplish on their own.

Choosing the right Creatives

As an agency we learned that only multiple inputs can create creative ideas, we designed our team in the way that each individual can be a part of something greater.

Toneyes experience during the years that every great team begins by laying a strong foundation, that equips to overcome challenges and rely on one another. Commitment, trust and developing open communication between team members built the foundation carries the company’s mission. A team that values one another’s strengths and respectfully communicates with each other will use a difficult situation and a conflict as an opportunity for growth and an even greater success.

Be Critical

Did you ever asked yourself; “is this the best I could do? - is there someway I’m able to improve my work to reach higher than just a good job?”. To reach each members of the team full potential it’s important to give constructive criticism if necessary and push eachother to give everything they have, but as important to be self-critical.

Constructive criticism is as important as recognition, if not it could hold you back from reaching your full potential and it can be hard to improve without a clear-eyed look. To see if there would be any constructive action or apology that could help to rectify the project. And how would you handle the same situation if you were able to do it all over again. After asking yourself these questions you’re able to discourse with your colleague to get the best final result by different perspectives.

Focus to be effective

Focus on being effective rather than being efficient. The commitment to work towards achieving common goals drives you the achieved the best results.

The midst of working toward a common goal, it’s important to measure progress and define success. . It allows the individuals to see the broader impact of their teamwork and the acknowledging of the success heightens motivation while fueling a greater passion for a greater success.

It is our believe that diversity in Toneyes workplace can have a number of benefits for our brand identity, including improved understanding of the marketplace, enhanced creativity, design thinking and problem-solving ability, and better use of talent.

Furthermore, working in a team may enhance trust and communication among all members, contributing to a more inclusive and open environment where your creativity and your super powers will be encouraged.

A great idea is build by many small ideas

You probably heard this a thousand times “Two heads thinks better than one” but we couldn’t agree more.

Creativity and design thinking thrives when people work together in a team. A big part of our work as a creative agency combines a unique perspectives and brainstorming ideas. Conversely, sharing the success after we finish a project is an amazing feeling to share and to have conducted a common goal. In many situations this is the secret behind a strong brand identity and the key to success. It is here the riskiest ideas from design thinking turn out to be the best ideas. Teamwork allows employees the freedom to think outside the box.

Why teamwork is important? Because:

  • Brainstorming creatively, getting different viewpoints on a topic than what you could come up with alone
  • Combining strengths of others to split the workload effectively among many and still see the common goal
  • Creates synergy – where the sum is greater than the parts.
  • Supports a more empowered way of working, removing constraints, which may prevent someone doing their job properly.
  • Promotes flatter and leaner structures, open communication where constructive criticism is a way to improve and reach the next level.
  • Encourages the flexibility and responsiveness, especially the ability to respond to change.
  • Pleases customers who like working with good teams (At some of our project the client may be part of the team).
  • Promotes the sense of achievement , equity and camaraderie of a common goal, essential for a motivated workplace.

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