5 web design trends in 2016

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30 March 2016
web design trends 2016

The latest web design trends focus on interactivity, user-friendliness and attractiveness. It is projected that the year 2016 will continue to see new techniques and designs being implemented by many website developers.

The world should expect the use of vertical patterns, videos, images, slide-style inspired designs, and much more.

If you're just wondering about the kind of website design trends we're talking about, this list will keep you updated on where the world is going in terms of web trends. Let's get started:

1. The use of scrollable vertical patterns

Website trends in 2016 tend to lean towards vertical scrolling since this design has proved to work well with all types of displays. The focus is on mobile devices, although scrolling in web design works extremely well in a desktop orientation. Therefore, we should expect web design trends to favor user interfaces that tend to be vertical in nature.

2. Animations and movie-themed websites

2016 web design trends favor visual elements because users are now more concerned with visual impression than anything else. If they can be visually impressed, they will stay longer even when the content is average.

For this reason, the latest web design trends will highly bring the immersive movie experience onto computers and mobile screens. Video clips are no longer accommodated in small snippets along the sidebar. Instead, developers are now incorporating full length preview clips to serve that purpose.

Also, images are becoming sharper and crisp-clear. The new web design techniques will render images in true HD, thus bringing video experience only synonymous with TV viewing on desktop or mobile.

However, the race isn't ending here. It's worth mentioning that web animations are also going full swing to keep readers even more engaged. The animated UI offers a fun way to keep visitors' attention while content is loading. But even after it loads, animations have been found to boost user interactivity since they provide surprise elements in a way that doesn't distract.

3. The use of powerful and attractive typography

The new web design trends have put focus on user interfaces in terms of typography. With the introduction of powerful web type tools such as Google fonts or Adobe Typekit, the field is open for more expansive creativity.

The focus of today's web trends is on bigger and bolder typography which is legible and beautiful to the eyes. Readable typefaces resonate with other elements characterizing current web trends, and all this is geared towards enhancing user experience.

4. Full screen slides

The very first slides featured images surrounded in an enclosed frame. The images could automatically scroll or prompt users to scroll them inside the frame. Today's web trends have picked up the idea and transformed it into full screen slides. Each slide can be scrolled, clicked or timed to scroll automatically. Also, like the initial screen slides in a frame, the full screen slide has navigation points for easy scrolling. You should expect to see more of this in 2016 web trends.

5. Iconography

Today's web design trends are beginning to embrace the creative use of icons, thanks to the introduction of icon kits which make using them easier than before. Developers who keep up with current web design trends are now experimenting with bigger and more attractive icons. This is inspired by the introduction of SVG formats.


These are not the only website trends to look out for this year. In fact, since the shift is slowly turning away from desktop to mobile experience, most web design trends will focus on enhancing mobile user experience. Templates will feel responsible and more adaptive than ever. Loading speed will also increase.

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