Animation Techniques & Media Trends in 2016

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04 March 2016

Animation is one of the fastest growing trends in the entertainment fraternity.

Each year, animation slowly captures a huge audience with the release of several animation movies which have proven to be an eye-feed. From the whiteboard era to more powerful and visually engaging elements, animation has evolved and is widely accepted in the entertainment industry. Here are some of the intriguing animation trends to watch in 2016.

1. Illustrated Animation Design

This is among the most common animation techniques that require perfect timing and care when handling. You have to do your best to come up with something impressive. Illustration is ideal when you want to compose a narrative during animation design. It involves hand drawing over 500 frames which are time-consuming. One can use a script to help in timing the duration of each frame. It might be challenging to change a hand-drawn graphic into a digital illustration. However, it can be an easy walk in the park if one has sound knowledge of the digital tools of work.

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2. Isometric Projection

In animation design, Isometric projection is a form of projection technique that enables presentation of a 3D object on a 2D plane. It comes out to be one of the most attractive animation techniques due to its ability to easily achieve a 120-degree angle that provides a bird’s eye view giving the viewers a satisfying and detailed view of the objects. Though complex, it is a cost effective way of rendering 3D animation with constant movements to perfectly bring out the story.

3. HandCraft Media Trends

It completes our list of trendy animation techniques to watch in 2016. Handcraft integrates live action components with CGI elements to perfectly achieve a visually impressive and intriguing animation creation. It is a technique that brings an endearing feeling to the viewer by utilizing tangible materials and bringing them to life. With this technique, you can see an amazing coordination between the cogs in transforming objects into different visual dimensions.

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4. Uniting with the reality

It is an exhilarating experience to have a hand on the point where animation merges with reality. The step by esteemed animators to amalgamate animation techniques with reality is inspired by the desire to enable viewers to relate to the real things in the world. This form of animation can be a significant determining factor when it comes to the success of an animation production. In 2016, we expect more videos that take into consideration uniting the viewers by introducing animation styles geared toward connecting them with the real world.

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5. Liquid Motion Animation

A liquid motion video provides a mind-blowing and psychedelic feeling to the viewers. It is one of the animation techniques that have been ignored yet it can make animation design a masterpiece. People are now moving away from the boring straight lines used in visual transformations in animation design to a more fluidic rendering which is more visually impressive and exhilarating.

6. 3D Animation

3D is one of the animation techniques that play an integral role in changing the animation industry quickly. With 3D printing we have seen a significant change in StopMotion Video segment involving the development of prototypes by 3D printers used to create StopMotion Videos. The Non-Photorealistic rendering in 3D is among the technical and impressive 3D animation styles that has aided in a seamless illustration of 3D objects. It is a useful element for architectural visualizations that commands perfection and accuracy in animation design.

In conclusion, a lot is expected in the animation industry in 2016. A combination of trendy animation techniques and media trends is expected to change further change entertainment industry for the the good.

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