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16 March 2016
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With money on the line, many have pondered whether or not to get a professional to develop your website. Not many realize that the answer to this depends on each individual’s needs. Here, we will aid you in deciding whether to hire a professional for a custom web or to go with a simple site.

Uses of Simple Sites

For many people, a website is just a platform to exhibit their work or to have online presence in the market. As they do not require the intricate and unique features that many custom web pages design offer, using web page templates to create a simple site would best suit their needs. Not only does simple site uses appealing web page templates at an affordable price, people can showcase their work or product fast.

When to Use Web Page Templates

Unlike custom web page design, simple web page templates forces users to fit their concept around the website. Due to its inflexibility, one may not extend its features on the website and create distinctive user experience. In some cases, where only a provisional website is needed or for parties that work on a budget such as freelancers or smaller stores that do not focus on generating new clients directly through their websites, a pre-developed website template would be a solution.

Benefits of Professional website

For users requiring more features and an unique user website experience, forgoing available web page templates and having a professional website would be best. Not only is there more web presence, one can build the website around the concept of the company or organization through customization. Companies requiring rebranding would also benefit from having custom websites, compared to using web page templates, as it can emphasize its strengths and beliefs in a more visual and unique way.

Importance of Branding

Although there are many benefits that can be reaped from a custom-made website, not many that desires this have an existing branding for their product or service. Without an existing branding, the websites would not exude a clear message to their target audience. This would lead to attracting the wrong audience to the site. As a result, branding would have to be formed before developing the website. With branding, this would enable developers to develop the website around the brand and better highlight the brand’s advantage, unlike a simple site.

How to Build Web Presence

To attract its target audience by projecting the company’s values and beliefs, web presence will be created via developing a unique customer user experience design in its web page. Unlike a simple site, one can craft a distinctive user experience in a simplistic way through a custom webpage as it allows the company to lead its target audience to focus their attention to what the company wants them to focus on. As a result, this steers people to where they want to go in the least amount of steps, thus enhancing their experience.

Advantages in Custom Web Development

Different from a simple site, custom development allows companies more flexibility in developing and expanding the features, have additional improvements to their website, have better quality of code, and an unique identity packaged in a simplistic way. This will allow users to have the full experience when using the website as it focuses on the brand’s advantage rather than other attributes in the website.

Simple site or Custom Web?

Although it comes at a cost, companies wishing to convey their branding and give professional user experience to customers will benefit more by adopting custom websites. This is evident with the increase of online users by an average of 30 percent for companies who uses professional website. This results from the change in trend, where people will explore stores online before going to a brick and mortar store in the modern society. With the change in purchasing behavior of customers, utilizing professional websites is most fitting for those wishing to provide a memorable user experience.

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