Don’t underestimate Web Video & Motion Graphics

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24 September 2014

It’s simple. You need to be using videos in order to promote your business.

The internet has moved towards the era of the video. YouTube is the second biggest search engine behind Google as people now prefer to receive their information in fast fashion with multimedia stimuli to prove the point. Unlike copious amounts of written texts, video has the power to explain your point effectively and efficiently and in an engaging way.

But why do you need to consider motion graphic design for your company specifically?

1. Give the People What They Want!

Studies have shown that people tend to spend 9% more time browsing a page if there is a video present. This shows that people feel more engaged by web video productions and this translates directly to behavior forming. In other words, you want customers to stay on your pages and browse. Videos make them want to do that so give the people what they want!

2. Visual Branding and Marketing

The power of web video goes well beyond getting a message across or educating your audience. The average person tends to learn quicker through kinesthetic and visual learning, meaning their memories retain information presented in a visually inspiring manner. A video gives you the opportunity to present a brand image quickly that memorable to the customer. Any good motion graphics designer will be able to work with you to ensure that your brand image is consistently retained throughout your videos in order to keep this fresh in your customers’ minds.

3. Efficiency

We work in a fast-paced world and attention spans are significantly limited to time constraints. Rather than forcing your customers to read endless reams of words that try to explain your product and philosophy, you can give them this information in around 30 seconds. A page of writing translates to a 60 second video. Which would you rather engage in?

4. Shareability

Social media is now one of the most powerful and organic marketing tools. Studies show that visuals and motion graphics are shared far more readily than text. This is because, to reiterate, people are more engaged by a multimedia delivery system. By engaging those people, you open the door to social sharing, which creates a snowball effect of company recognition in a wider, previously unreached audience. Basically, by hiring web video services and a motion graphics designer, you’re creating an opportunity for your company to grow its audience organically and quickly without having to spend out on costly marketing strategists.

Motion Graphic and Broadcast Design at Toneyes

Here at Toneyes, our motion graphics design team are peak experts in their field. With years of experience in motion graphics and broadcast design, our motion graphics design team are not only whizzes in our 2D animation studio, they also have exceptional deep rooted understanding of translating that motion graphics design to marketing and branding.

Our motion graphics design team work tirelessly in our 2D animation studio to ensure that they work directly with our clients in order to meet their exact requirements.

Aside from conducting motion graphics design in the 2D animation studio, we also provide voiceover services and script writing to ensure that your videos are an exact representation of your company’s image and the message you’re attempting to relay to your target audience. Our skillful team of copywriters are trained to infuse your script with branding and marketing techniques to not only sell your message but also your company.

Equally, by hiring Toneyes’ motion graphics design team to create your web videos in our 2D animation studio, you add a level of professionalism to your videos. Creating your own web video outside of a fully equipped 2D animation studio can result in poor quality motion graphics which can actually give a negative view of your company. Let our team create a branding and marketing opportunity for your company that inspires and engages a brand new audience for your business.

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