Graphic Design in Bangkok makes me Sick

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10 July 2016
Think outside the box

Why Graphic Design is more than just make ugly things prettier.

As an agency in Bangkok we hear about different perspectives of graphic design. With having every year new batches of new young students doing an Internship at our agency, we see how the new generation look at graphic design. And it makes us sick.

Who is to blame? Schools? Teachers? Modern society or the students?

The Evolution of Graphic Design

We live in a busy world of advertising. We are surrounded by advertising and nobody can escape it. The daily diarrhea of graphics and photos and ads trying to sell us something. Enslaving our minds to just keep buying and consume. It is like the evolution of Facebook or any other Subculture or music culture; “When it is commercialised, it is becoming a sickness and people get sick of it.”

Graphic design is not art, it is a way to communicate

What do design schools teach now and days? Think creative, be artistic! We spend a whole month with all our interns to beat that ideas out of their head. Being artistic means mostly you create something that other people don’t understand. Who cares about your perspective?

Graphic design means “connecting with other people, bringing across a message that your audience understands and not let them think what it could mean.

It is all about creating a context, a feeling, a connection and telling a story, enable a conversation.

The real values of modern graphic design

It is time to think more than just about prettiness. Putting color to something and align it, is just not doing the job. We need to start caring and stop the shallow thinking.

How do you connect with people on an emotional way?

People are emotional, this is what makes us human. Color, graphics, images bring across a certain feeling and different target audience grew up in a different way, experiencing different things. Commercially people grew up with different media and pop culture.

How do you connect to your target audience on a emotional way? I mean the right way?
Know the history, know your audience. To be able to connect with people you need to understand them. You need to be able to put yourself in their shoes. This is a the only way.

What do people feel when they see your artwork?

Feelings is the key to have somebody engaging with you. Vulnerability triggers compassion. coolness and fun triggers sympathy and difference triggers interest. Every shape, colors, image or movement means something. Graphic design with emotional values helps you to control your graphic design to reflect what you really try to reflect.


Commercial Ads can be about manipulation. Hidden messages act like ideas in the movie “Inception” plant an idea deep in people’s mind can give you the power to have them do the things you want them to do.


Storytelling, is a powerful skill. If your graphic design can tell a story or like we can say creates a “context”. You pretty much have people listening to you or even talk about you. In our digital social environment a surely powerful thing. A good Story or context can make things viral and your message can burst across cities and countries like a wild bushfire.

The Killer Questions: How much does a Logo Design and a namecard costs?

Those are common questions that we receive from our clients:

• How much does a Logo Design Cost?

• How much does a Flyer Design Cost?

• How much does a Slogan Cost?
• I have a Branding Inquiry; need a logo and a namecard

Corporate Identity is much more than just kick out a logo design and put a logo on a namecard. Or charge an expensive logo design and design a crappy packaging design with complimentary colors to the logo design.

It is research, understanding the brand or product. Understanding what people need and build a personality of your company that is not only designed on paper. Your brand and corporate identity is something that you live everyday. A brand can’t just be created by a graphic design agency. It is your company's lifestyle, it is how your company lives and struggles, your history your personality.

As people, companies are different from each other. And it is an agency’s responsibility to understand this. Corporate identity and branding is a reflection of how you breath, survived live and a reflection what you stand for.

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