How to achieve your dreams?

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27 April 2016
How to achieve your dreams

What is a dream?

Remember the time when you were small and kept imagining what you wanted to become when you grow up?

Although you may think those were unimportant childhood dreams, once you become adults, those traces of childhood memories became your foundation for your dreams. This is because dreams are derived from your childhood memories that you once wanted to achieve in the future.

However, this does not mean your dreams stay the same as when you were young. Your dreams change as your personality changes, you encounter different people, and you experience many things. Your dreams also evolve as you reach your dreams and make new ones. With your dreams changing and developing constantly, this build your dreams to the point it is currently at. With a dream, this defines the purpose in your life as it aspires you to make your dreams come true.

For example, in Toneyes, our dream is to create a platform for creative people, such as graphic designers, to come together and produce great work. As a result, we have our team consisting of people from different backgrounds. Through our team’s expertise, this allows us to be able to create quality results that realize our clients’ visions. With this dream, this defines who Toneyes is and the direction that Toneyes takes.

Why are dreams important?

Many people wonder why having a dream in life is important. This is because your dreams, no matter how big or small, define the purpose in your life. With your dreams motivating and driving up your passion to make your dreams come true, this allows you to have a sense of direction on where your life will be heading. One reason for this is because dreams anchor you down and makes you focus on things that can help you achieve your dreams. As a result, this drives you to do the best you can in order to achieve it. For example, people who have a dream of becoming a doctor would be driven to study as hard as possible so they can get accepted into a medical school and eventually become a doctor.

With your dreams becoming the end goal, sub-milestones are needed in order to help you focus on the important things that can make your dreams come true. Sub-milestones are the steps necessary to be taken in order to reach the main goal, or in other words your dream. For example, before becoming a doctor, one would have to pass tests, enter a medical school, go through internships and pass the national examination tests before officially becoming a doctor.

How to achieve your dreams?

1. Know the requirements needed to achieve your dreams

Although you may believe in your dreams and how it will become a reality one day, dreams are only dreams until you start working towards it. Therefore, in order to realize your dreams, it is important to know the requirements needed and separate it into sub-milestones. Placing the requirements in different milestones will help you focus on what needs to be done in the short and long term, allowing you to be a step closer to making your dream comes true as your dreams become the philosophy of your life.

One example of a person who made their dream their philosophy is Martin Luther King. As Martin Luther King had a dream that everyone was equal, he lived and followed his philosophy in his day-to-day life. Similarly, a company that has a vision, or a dream, would become a much stronger company than one without a “why” as it guides all actions in the company towards achieving the vision. Therefore, if you believe in your dreams and have it as your philosophy, your dreams become attainable as you work towards achieving it and not let it just become a dream.

2. Make your dreams come true together

Second, not only do you believe in your dreams and have sub-milestones as your guideline to achieve it, dreams are better if you make your dreams come true with someone else. By sharing your dreams with someone else, such as your friends or your partner, it becomes much easier to achieve. This is because sharing your dreams allows you to focus and create sub-milestones on how to achieve it. Additionally, sharing your dreams with someone you trust increases your motivation to make your dreams come true when your focus starts waning. As a result, this causes you to believe in your dreams, hold on to it and work hard towards it even if it seems bleak at the moment.

3. Fight for your dreams

Third, although having dreams is important this does not mean dream comes true easily without requiring any sacrifices. Not only do you need to believe in your dreams, create sub-milestones, and share your dreams, you also have to fight for your dreams to make it a realization. This would mean that you would have to be ready to make sacrifices, as sacrificing is essential if you wish to reach your dreams. For example, you may have to sacrifice your time or make difficult decisions in order to reach your dream. As a result, achieving dreams is not always a smooth journey as it may require you going outside your comfort zone.

Dianna David talks about this in her TED Talk regarding her experience on following her dreams, the importance on doing what “moves you” and how doing so required sacrifice.

4. Actions after reaching your dreams

After going through all the steps you may find yourself finally reaching your dreams. If so, having another dream would be a good idea. However, at times, it is best to stop at where you are and start sharing your dreams with others. This is because not sharing it and just keeping it to yourself may do you harm more than good, as you may start wanting things you should not want.

When does a dream become a nightmare?

It is important to believe in your dreams and work towards it, as your dreams define the purpose in your life. However, from history, there are many instances where a single dream develops into a nightmare for many people. One famous example is Adolf Hitler and how his dream resulted in World War 2, which killed over 60 million people. A reason for this is because they may have a dream, however they do not know at what point is the dream enough, as human nature always want more. Therefore, you always need to be careful when developing your dream so that it is always within acceptable boundaries.

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