How to build the cheapest egg carton studio

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23 March 2016
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Voice recording can be very costly for people who desire high quality sound acoustics, from the price of renting a recording studio to having high quality recording equipment.

However, due to the cost required, this may not be an attainable solution thus many would forgo this step. On the other hand sacrificing this would result in external sounds in the background being unintentionally recorded during your recording, resulting in poor sound quality.

However, what many do not know is that getting high sound quality recordings is feasible even without requiring a high budget for this. This is because if it is done correctly, this can be achieved at a very minimal cost using only a few materials, which most can be found in your home or office. To have quality sound acoustics, this can be achieved by creating your own egg carton studio for $1.


To create your own mini egg carton recording studio you would need,

• 10 full-sized recycle egg cartons (for 30 baht, approximately $1)
• 1 roll of masking tape
• 1 cutter
• 1 scissors


1. Purchase 10 full-sized recycle egg cartons

To create your own egg carton soundproofing system purchase 10 full-sized egg cartons. For us, we had obtained it from the wet market at a price of 30 baht (approximately $1). For those who do not have a wet market nearby, try getting it from your local stores nearby.

2. Position the egg cartons correctly

After purchasing it, it is recommended to stack two egg cartons for each side for a total of 5 sides. This is done in order to make sure the sound acoustics would be kept in during recording sessions, as it may be too thin if only one layer is used. Make sure that the side that is sticking out is facing in so that the sound acoustics will be kept in well.

3. Attach each side of the cartons together tightly

After positioning the egg carton, join each side together to create a box with an opening on one side using masking tape. Make sure that there are no openings or holes on any side in order to prevent sound leakage during recording. To do this, tape each side of the egg carton first in order to keep each side stuck together before taping it across the sides, in order to prevent gaps in any side. After taping all sides together, your own egg carton soundproofing system is now complete.


To test it out we used a Zoom H1 Handy Recorder, which is the cheapest voice recorder available in the market currently priced at around $100. Make sure that the microphone is placed in the egg carton box properly in order for the sound acoustics to be of high quality. This would ensure the intended recorded sound to be recorded clearly into the microphone.


By doing this, no longer would you need to create a dent in your bank account in order to go book a recording studio for several hours in order to record a voiceover of your video nor would you need the most expensive recording equipment to ensure its sound quality. By improvising the tools you may have at hand to create your personal, cost-effective studio, this enables one to have a sound recording without needing to waste unnecessary time, that may not be related to your recording. This is only possible because,

"Effectiveness lies within the improvisation." - Toneyes

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