How to create a Brand and what to look out for

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28 May 2017
Think outside the box

This article shows the importance of understand the foundation of how to create a brand for your company or for your client if you are a designer.

What is branding

That is the most common question and also the common things that designers and clients get totally wrong. A lot of people also feel like this is a difficult thing to explain but actually it isn't.
So here it goes visualised.

If there is traditional couple and if the girlfriend says that her boyfriend is a “good lover”, that we would call in our case “marketing”. If the girlfriend would tell if over the phone it would be “Telemarketing” and if over the internet “Online Marketing.”

If the girlfriend would say it to her friend in person it would be “mouth to mouth advertising”.

So now you are asking what is Branding? When the girlfriend believes that her boyfriend is a great lover. Brand is the image that the boyfriend has created that makes her girlfriend believe that he is a great lover.

Your vision sets the foundation for your brand

Vision is the first step of how to create a brand successfully. But what is the right vision? A lot of people see their own vision from their own perspective that mostly involves success and profit and how big a company or a product can grow, which is the wrong perspective of creating a vision.

“The right vision is the vision that your clients can relate too”

Yes that's the key. With every movement and every revolution there is the power of the people behind it. A strong vision can create a movement a community that believes in your brand and can spread like wildfire. See how successful brands such “Apple, Starbucks, Nike, Car Companies” build and invest so much in their community to create a group of believers and lock down the numbers of returning clients.

Building a brand with a vision which your target audience can believe in is the strong point. And again to just repeat, your personal gain for the company dos simply not interest your clients. Draw the vision from their perspective, draw the vision to help your cleints and carefully think how your brand can contribute to society.

Brand voice as foundation of your production

A moodboard is a document that shows different visual references to set your first design direction of the brand that you are designing for.

A moodboard mostly should involve a page of all the competitions, inspirations and different great ideas. This board is an important tool for you and your team to look at different things where after analysing you can set a specific direction in design.

Begin with a Slogan and clearly also states and underlines your vision for the brand campaign.
With it our agency usually also writes a short idealistic vision statement, to clearly explain the idea behind the brand and to also reflect the emotional message behind it. With it you already can start making up your mind by working on the visuals.

Starting design production and visualization

At this point remember: “how to create a brand is at first with an unique idea and approach”, so most important at any digitisation or production always revert back to your base idea and your mood board to not drift off the message.

Never start designing or even open any graphic program before you have the exact idea in your mind, this is not how A lot of designers start designing in photoshop which will make your design pretty much stereotype and also will mostly end up in a struggling blackout.

Sketch , talk, discuss and always revert back to your moodboard until you are coming up with a clear visualisation in your mind. Present your idea to your team and client with just references and simple sketches.

“Most ideas do not pass because of the concept not because of the visualisation”

Save time by passing the idea and concept first, before you starting with the digitalisation of your ideas.

Building the brand in steps

Rome hasn’t been build in one day, and so it is a successful brand. It is important to determine the foundation of the brand and put it into the world and analyse the feedback of your target audience and adjust and develop your brand with time to attract your target audience. It is basicly a mind game, that you only can win with individual steps. Think, create, publish and develop. This a the circle of brand production.

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