How to create an overhead shot

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12 August 2015

Overhead shot is one of the most interesting angle and way you can photograph your images and is also called « birds eyes view ». Some people think that in order to realise an overhead shot it is necessary to be a professional photographer, but it is not true.

We show you how to create a well-done overhead shot with only a camera, tripod and some tape. We want to share with you some tips in order to help you to create your own overhead shot.

Overhead shot is used for explanation videos, and also a lot of stop motion videos are shot from this perspective. Firstly, it is important that we have the camera to a vertical state above the objective. Secondly, you need to have something to hold the camera to that position. In our case we used a tripod as a base, attached the selfie stick to the tripod with some masking tapes, and additionally also attached the camera vertically to the selfie stick.

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