How to make a website design?

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10 April 2014

We as a Bangkok based web design & design agency, know the importance to get inspired before starting a new web design projects. A lot of people or even designers ask us: "where do you get your web design inspiration?" or "how to make a website?

"The other question is also how to make a website design as a designer. We will explain to you the steps of a professional web design company how experts create their web design and graphic design concepts. 

1. Research Design

To be able to create a successful design means to understand the topic. To able to understand the topic you need to get all the required informations from your clients and research all the missing and needed additional information. Research Design is the key in "How to make a website design" and comes even before start seeking for a web design inspiration.  This is the difference between a good and a common designer: "To you understand the content, material and the company for that you are designing for."
Important criteria in research design are:

  • Competition Research (Understand the mistakes and right things that you competitors do to be able to create a better design than the competition)
  • Market Segmentation (Find your market niche and appear different from your competitor)
  • Target Audience Research (Understand your clients and understand what they need) 

2. Create a Moodboard, the create Brainstorming

This is the most important thing. Like in every start of the project the "Moodboard" is the creative brainstorm of a design projects. 
The moodboard can contain reference websites, parts and screenshots of inspiring websites or graphical elements. It also can contain sketches or images that forms one board of visual references. 
For the assembling of the moodboard the important thing is to get inspired and the best place to go for website inspirations are:

The FWA (Favourite Website Awards)

Webdesign Inspriration
Then you might would need to check for the colors that you wont to use for your website. There are different color books that you can purchase at the design book store or you can also use a great tool supplied by adobe to set your right color selection. 

Adobe Kuler
Kuler is a free color tool where you can choose your main color and automatically generate monochramic, complementary and triad color schemes. 

3. Create a Wireframe

Creating a wireframe is important for the usability of the website. With the wireframe you can design the user flow, the content and the structure of the website. You can look at the wireframe as a kind of a foundation before your start building your website. There are many different tools that you can use for creating quick wireframes such as Pencil which is available for mac users. 

4. Creative Team Meeting 

The moodboard, research and wireframe of each individual person creates a base for a individual presentation to share ideas. The creative meeting should be a point where discussion and the magic happens. Individual ideas should lead to a bigger idea. 

5. Sketch

A lot of designer do the mistake by start trying to digitalise before even having the idea in their head. Graphic Design Software such as Photoshop, Illustrator or pixelmator are just tools to realise your idea. By start designing with graphic software a lot of designer face the problem to end up in a total blackout.
The most important thing is before starting with any graphic design software is already to know what you want to do. The magic is happing in your mind, your mind is the creative tool and your design weapon. Never forget, thinking that a unique web design inspiration will appear in photoshop is totally wrong.

6. Design 

This is where you your hard work of research, brainstorming, sketching, discussion and web design inspiration will pay off. A lot of designer choose to create multiple designs to present to the client, but choice makes the client mostly more complicated. Creating multiple designs also takes away your focus for the real design concept that you want to create for your client. Our tip is to create one design, but put all your heart, knowledge and time to it and create a unique design that might will be a web design inspiration for somebody else.

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