How to Make Creative Thinking a Part of Your Life

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08 March 2016
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Creativity is the outcome of the extensive cognitive process. It is an imperative element that determines whether you succeed in whatever you do.

Creative thinking allows you to cascade and break the barriers of what is achievable. To make sure that you are ready to seize any opportunity that comes your way, you need to foster creativity and make creative thinking your daily recipe.

Nurturing creative ideas does not only help you expand your horizon, but also help you improve your chances of unlocking your optimal potential in life. The bugging question to many of us is, how do we achieve inspired creativity? Or what does creative thinking entail? Below are some ideas on how we can nurture our creative minds so that we can come up with insightful solutions.

1. Shun the “I Don’t Know”, “I Can’t" or “What Will Happen” attitude.

Most of the times, we are caught up in repetitive life patterns that become a major hitch to inspiration and creativity. We tend to add a prefix of impossibility to every idea that comes into our mind. Instead of invoking positive statements that will help us develop creative ideas, we always look for negative statements to counter the creative thinking process. If you want to find creativity, allow inspirations to emerge spontaneously without adding retrogressive negative comments.

2. Relax and Exercise

Creative ideas are not developed in stressful conditions. When you relax, your body gets rejuvenated, and creative ideas start resurfacing. Creative thinking won’t find you in your busy schedule; take a stroll on the beach, listen to good music or engage in less strenuous sporting activities.

Exercises also play a greater role in enhancing creative thinking. Exercises help you get out of your head and create space for new thought patterns. When you exercise and relax, you shed off your frustrations and create room for new creative ideas.

3. Be Easy On Yourself

Being too judgmental on yourself can incapacitate your thinking capacity. Stop criticizing yourself harshly. Accept that you are who you are and always strive to achieve whatever you can. Your mind is creative enough, don’t limit yourself. Discard all the harsh criticism and get creative.

4. Read Inspirational Stories, Journals or Biographies of Creative Individuals

Reading stimulates and opens up the mind. Although, reading can be boring, when you choose a book written by your favorite writer, you will absolutely enjoy every bit of it, and creative thinking will become part and parcel of your life. Creativity can be contagious; when you routinely read journals or articles written by creative individuals, you will soon get creative and start thinking like them. Reading will contribute on greater part in developing creativity.

5. Take a Break From The Routine

The secret to achieving inspiring creativity is to get out of your cocoon and think out of the box. Break from the mundane and start doing things differently. Start listening to another genre of music, try out new shopping stores, visit new environment and starting brainstorming about uncommon scenarios. Changing your routine will widen your perspective and thus enhance your creativity.

6. Note Down Your Ideas

Research conducted on the greatest entrepreneurs around the world identified that many successful individuals who have embraced creative thinking, have a habit of writing down their thoughts. This helps them to have creative minds that keep on developing new ideas. Don’t wait for a complete idea to manifest. Start with a sketch and continue adding to it as time goes by. Creativity is not inborn; it is something cultivated and natured through coordinated strategies. If you want to be creative and rich in ideas, read, exercise and change your routine.

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