The Importance to Learn Video Editing and Filmmaking to Businesses

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25 July 2018
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Videos and Films have been dominating the world even before the digital age. They are the most visualizing methods of storytelling; exhibiting realness through the movements, the audio, and the emotions. No doubt, their popularity would uprise along with the world’s developing visual technologies. Videos have recently become an essential element of many industries including the content marketing industry (Core DNA, 2018).



The Importance of Video for every Business

At Toneyes, we build professional websites. One thing that we have always bear in mind is that content is a crucial essential.

Videos can effectively convey emotions and are the best way to communicate brand messages. People are spending more and more time on their mobile phones; many prefer to watch videos than to actually read text content.

With the audience demanding to receive more information within a less amount of time, videos are now the most effective communication method. Thus, they are the number 1 medium on the internet.

Creating Videos Today is Easy

Video making has become so easy a mass of people could take it on as a hobby or an occupation. With low-cost possibilities and the advancing video technology, everyone has today the possibility to create professional looking videos to represent their brand or products. All you need to know is the basics such as video editing which you can access quickly and learn online.

Filmmaking courses are widely accessible and understandable for everyone. We as well urge and support all our clients to learn filmmaking and video editing and create an awesome professional video on their own. It’s fun and increases sales and brand awareness.

How Videos will lead you to Success

Videos can comprehensively explain your products within a minute – the ideal video length is 1 - 1.30 minutes – making it the top selling point for businesses. 70% of businesses nowadays have videos on their websites. That means your clients would most likely expect videos on your website as well.

The best thing is after creating a video, you will be able to reuse them on multiple occasions such as email marketing and social media.

Professional Video Production vs Homemade Video

The key to a great video is the concept and the message. For commercial marketing videos, it makes sense to hire a professional agency to create them. On the other hand, vlogs and product videos are the perfect areas where we suggest clients learn video editing and create their own.

Videography is a different area from photography, therefore, even a professional photographer could face difficulties in switching to shoot videos. It involves different, detailed pre-production to post-production steps. It is a good idea to learn filmmaking and video editing before shooting films on your own.

Our agency recommends a quick online filmmaking course where you can learn how to create professional videos with your own DSLR camera. 

Toneyes as well offers consulting services and creative meeting services along with our clients in order to make sure we implement videos into your marketing in a unique way.

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